posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i love love love my new blog design
but i didn't do it.

i can intubate a burn patient with carbonaceous sputum in his airway
but html blows my mind.

so i gotta give props to my girl Debbie
she's the mastermind behind all you see here

she took my inspiration pics
and turned it into exactly-what-i-wanted

miracle worker, she is

i just love how bright and clean the blog feels now
like freshly shaven legs
ready for summer.

a weak metaphor, yes.
but one that Debbie, in all her sarcastic glory, would greatly appreciate, i feel.

so thank you, Deb
(can i call you Deb? boom. just did.)
for making all this pretty.



  1. Love, love, love the new blog design, Em! And I thought the shaven legs metaphor was a great touch :)

    Happy Wednesday, friend!

  2. Love the blog design and the series on engagement/getting married/anniversary. Kind of made me tear up a bit. Hope that doesn't sound weird from someone who's reading a blog on the interwebz. LOL

  3. Thanks for letting me tinker :)

  4. She did a great job! It looks fabulous!


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