dog days

posted on: Friday, June 8, 2012

Lord have mercy i am so tired.
this puppy is exhausting.
you all know how it is...
waking up all night to take him out to pee
watching him every second of every day to make sure he's not destroying things
cleaning dog poo and pee out of the carpet
and through it all...
loving his sweet sweet face

on top of all that,
i made a video for our residency's graduation tonight
(roasting our staff docs and seniors. i hope i don't get fired.)
finished my protocol application for my research project
(fingers crossed that i get published in a big fancy medical journal)
(okay, it was really just a rough draft)
worked on my Process Improvement project
(a residency requirement)
logged 13 intubations and 5 procedural sedations
and painted my nails.

it's been a busy, full, exhausting week
and i'm thankful for the 3-day weekend i have to recuperate.
in which i will be doing precisely NONE of the aforementioned projects i told you about.

so there.


  1. You're making me nervous! We are getting a new puppy in a few weeks. Hopefully I handle the sleep deprivation well.

  2. i sometimes think new puppies require more work than new babies.

    ...i'm sure my sister who just had a baby would TOTALLY agree.

  3. Puppies are like babies, in that everyone has advice. Here's mine: are you crate training? It can make ALL the difference in housebreaking, destruction, and getting a full night's sleep. Amongst other things.
    Our first dog, our girl, potty trained easily- she peed inside twice EVER, even though she was only 4 weeks- and we totally thought we were dog-training rockstars. Two years later we get our boy... he took about six weeks and was a ridiculous mess.
    I love to chime in when I hear parents of small humans discussing how girls are easier to potty train than boys. Human-kid parents LOOOOOOOOOVE that.

  4. love this post. puppies ARE like babies. and they are hard work. and this is coming from someone who is a new mom! its a different kind of hard...but both 100% worth it. our furbaby is 2 years now and i remember the summer we got her and i felt ALL of the same things. i was exhausted trying to keep up with her. i agree completely with the response above, using the crate was a key part of our training experience. it will get better! enjoy the puppy phase, they get big too fast!


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