june bug

posted on: Saturday, June 2, 2012

i've caught it. for sure.
June, i've been waiting for you all year.

i'm on anesthesia this month.
which means that, from Monday-Thursday,
i get to perform procedures all day every day
and learn the ins and outs of all the vasoactive anesthetics we use

and i get a three-day weekend
every. weekend.

oh, and a week of vacay at the end.

do you know what it will be like to have three days off?
in a row?
i get two consecutive days off maybe once a month.
but THREE?? every weekend??
i just don't know what to do with myself.
i'm so excited at the prospect, i'm jumping up and down inside.

i have many projects in mind
(thanks, pinterest)

finally hanging my gallery wall in my stairwell...

painting my laundry room a deep, Grecian shade of blue...

painting our dresser...

continue the hunt for an upholstered headboard...
(i decided i'd wait for a sale, instead of trying to DIY-it. it'd only be a little more expensive,
and it would save me ridiculous amounts of time.)

finally make it to my family reunion again...
(we've been going to the same park in Wheeling, WV for like, 50 years now.
i've missed it for the past 5 years because of med school and residency.
this year i get to go! cousins! sibbies! drunken family members! yes!)

relax in Palm Beach...
(can't think of a better place to chill out for a few days.
somehow i took it for granted when i was going to school there
now going back is all i wanna do.)

i can see my alma mater from here...

June is going to be a good month.
i can just feel it.


  1. June most certainly sounds like it's going to be amazing for you!! 3 day weekends every week is like...I don't even know! haha. no words! have fun! ps. that deep blue for a laundry room is seriously perfect :)

  2. I think learning anesthesia would be pretty fun
    So excited to see you the palm beach! My plans might be getting rearranged when you're hear, still figuring it out. But excited to have you!

  3. June is going to be amazing and yay for you for having 3 day weekends!! Enjoy your adventures this June!

  4. 3 day weekends are awesome, especially more than one in a row! I'm jealous now. ;) Enjoy your month!!

  5. Three day weekend every weekend?? You lucky *(&&%%^ ;)

    June DOES sound like it's going to be an amazing month for you! I guess all your hard work paid off, right??


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