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posted on: Monday, June 4, 2012

our family grew over the weekend.
people said they knew i had been getting fat...
they just didn't know why.

this is why.

we got a pup!

we have been talking about getting a dog for months
waited for the perfect time
then finally decided there was NO perfect time.
so on Saturday, we went to the Humane Society
just to "look"

you can see how well that turned out.

his name is Waylon.
after Waylon Jennings
who sings this song
Luckenback, Texas (Back To The by Waylon Jennings on Grooveshark

note: if you've been obsessed with Hatfields and McCoys like we have,
you'll especially appreciate this song for its reference thereof.

he's a shepherd mix.
maybe with lab or something?
we'll probably be "those" people
who get their mutt DNA-tested
just so we can say
"he's 1/18th Rhodesian Ridgeback"

sleepy babe.
we felt he needed a good cowboy name
seeing as how he was birthed in Texas and all
our cat, Ella, is both named after the El in Chicago, 
and Bartonella henselae, which, incidentally, 
is the bacteria that causes cat-scratch fever.
(it came to me in a moment of genius while i was taking my boards.)
i'm a huge nerd.
i'm aware.

we kicked around several names
and finally i gave Nick naming rights
since i had named Ella.
he initially picked Bowie.
after Jim Bowie (of Bowie knife and Battle of the Alamo fame)
he said to me,
"can't you just see a little kid saying that name?
i want a name our kids can say."

well say no more, my friend.
i was sold.
his presentation was flawless.
be still my freaking heart.

but then Nick changed his mind.
so Waylon it is.

my new favorite accessory.

Ella is less than thrilled.
she's giving him these creepy come-here-my-precious looks.

but we like him.

so far, i'm exhausted
from getting up every two hours to let the pup go pee
and he's got separation anxiety like woah
can't even take a shower without him howling
and he's sitting there watching me.

i feel for all you new mamas out there.
i don't know how you do it.
but then again, at the end of all your struggle,
you get a fine human being.
i just get a smelly dog.

you win.


  1. He's so cute! Soon you won't know how you lived without him.


    i realize i sound like a creep.

  3. He is adorable!! Dogs are the best accessories, although they turn your outfits into more practical than cute... at least my two's rambunctious mud-loving antics did. I'd say your schedule for the next month DOES make now the best time to get a dog- although I tell our girl (our first) daily that I'm not sure how she survived her puppyhood with us. Hopefully you have more knowledge than we did :)
    Congrats, Momma!

  4. Holy smokes. He is the cutest. dog. ever.

    And I love your necklace too.

    I can't wait to get a puppy and now my puppy lust is extra strong after seeing this post. Congrats on becoming a new puppy-momma.

  5. so adorable! we just got a puppy too & it feels like we just had a baby! up every couple of hours, napping when he naps, chasing him around... i love it. i really like your pups name too! enjoy your new addition :)

  6. So cute! Our pup just turned 1 and while I miss her being so little and adorable, I definitely don't miss those first weeks being exhausted and getting nothing done b/c I was taking care of her. Definitely felt like a new mom, haha.

  7. Waylon is SO cute! And that is such a great name! I can't wait to get a puppy! I long to smell that puppy breath.

  8. I LOVE this post! So funny :)

    And your new little pup is just the cutest!

  9. They do NOT win, Emily, they do NOT win. Uh Uh. Puppies > Babies. Always.

  10. Such a cute little pup! I have two shepherds and they are the best.

  11. he is so stinking cute!! two of our three pups are form the shelter, and they BOTH are shepherd mixes.. one, however, has some bloodhound in her- soooo of course she is my favorite (mainly because, at 90+ lbs, she still thinks she's a lapdog)

    but yes, the puppy phase, oh man... can that be a tricky phase... good luck!!! and yay!

    also, love your whole outfit!

  12. He is PRECIOUS!! Going to "look" at the humane society never works.

  13. We have a Bowie. But after David Bowie. Because he has one blue eye and one brown. Just like DB. But we call him Bobo. I like Waylon. And I lurv that you rescued. :)

  14. Very intresting and lovely blog!

    What do u say about following each others blog on Gfc and bloglovin just to stay in contact this way?

    Lots of love,

  15. Awww what a wonderful addition to the family! He is adorable in every way!

  16. puppy breath. the greatest thing in the world.

  17. precious! so cute :) love all the pictures :) my husband would love a dog!
    excited to be your newest follower!


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