shades of blue

posted on: Friday, June 15, 2012

i actually accomplished something.
i set out to do it this month
but figured my plans would be thwarted for sure by this pup that has taken up residence in our once quiet, humble abode. 
but i made this ish happen.
and for that, i am happy.

i took no before pictures.
it was simply too heinous.
the curtain is hiding an electrical box.
clever, eh?

the kitty lives in the laundry room.
so does the laundry.

a photo i took in Folegandros, Greece
during our trip last summer

view from the living room
into the hallway
i'm loving the pop of blue i get every time i come around the corner
oh hey, aunt jemima
me, rather proud of myself.
no makeup. bandana-style. sheesh. 

the blue may or may not match this shirt...

secret: i only painted one wall.
there were too many freaking things in that laundry room to paint around
that wall is the only one you can see anyway.

you like?
i like. 


  1. I love the idea of painting just one wall! It adds a pop of color without all the work! BTW I think the bandana look is adorable.

  2. love love love that outfit!! those pants! i die!

  3. I love the room and the outfit! I think the Greece picture is the perfect touch! Did you get it printed on a canvas?

  4. I love the blue wall. I wish we could paint something :( but still in an apartment. I actually live not far from where you work (ok...well based on my guess with San Antonio military hospitals! lol). I reeeaaalllyyy wish we could buy a house soon!

  5. it looks great! I love the pop of color, photo, & curtain that makes the room feel special.

  6. great color! we just moved into an apartment where the walls are painted a light blue and went in wanting to paint the entire place. after taking a longer look at all the walls we'd actually HAVE to paint, we opted out and now we're stuck with light blue walls! yayyyyy!

  7. Really. Love. that blue. It's spot on.

  8. hahah I LIKE!! I also am liking the hanging crate for cards that I think I'm seeing!

  9. loooove it. and your hottie outfit.


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