posted on: Friday, June 22, 2012

i'm not incredibly original
when it comes to fashion.
i tend to see something i like
(usually on pinterest. let's be real.)
and then recreate it for myself.

though they say...
originality is just undetected plagiarism

consider my cover blown.

via pinterest

i'll let these fantastic images speak for themselves.

nothing like a fluffy, fashion-based post
to follow up my death post from earlier this week.
i try to keep you all on your toes.

i have been crushing hard on the nerd glasses trend

one problem:
this girl has 20/13 vision.
the Air Force was basically salivating when they picked me up.
(no i will not fly your planes, Air Force. let it go.)
and how lame is it to wear fake glasses?

pretty lame, honestly.

but they're just so awesome!
i can't help myself.

glasses: F21 ($5!)
shirt: F21
neon bra: Gap Body (HIGHLY recommend)
jeans: 7FAM
shoes: nine west
nail polish: essie's Tart Deco (my current fave)


  1. LOVE those glasses on you! i wear real glasses but rock my contacts to rock the nerd glasses look. definition of lame but i do it anyway!

    love that top too!

  2. i'm loving the aqua jean trend - adorable :)
    and dont even let me hear you complain about your vision :P this girl over here is blind without her glasses :)

  3. you are beautiful :) I love this outfit, it looks perfect on you!

  4. Love this outfit! Mint is one of my favorite colors this season. I've been wanting to pick up a pair of colored skinny jeans but all the ones I have found are not flattering on me at all. Not sure if it's the ones I've been trying or if I can't rock this trend at all - sad.

    p.s. I love nerd glasses too. My future hubs rocks them and I've been wanting a pair myself. Those look great one you -- and no one would ever know they are fake ;)

  5. I wore fake glasses all the time. Then i went to law school. Now I need them for reals. I was so excited when I finally got them. Although, as my eyesight deteriorates, glasses arent as fun as they once were! oops!

  6. i don't even know what 20/13 vision is. mine is like... i don't know, whatever something really bad is. i'm too blind to read my prescription.

  7. I so want a pair of fake glasses...but I have perfect vision too and I just feel silly! Maybe I'll rock some when no one I know is looking! ha. :)

  8. soo up until this past february, i was rocking -7 vision! then i got lasik... RIGHT before i was about to make a nerdy glasses purchase..

    now i feel.. perplexed? i have 20/15 vision now... for the first time in my life.. and all i want is to rock nerdy glasses... still??? umm... #nerdforlife

  9. SUCH a beauty.

    and hey! don't knock the fake nerd glasses. I rock them proudly.. even though I actually have to wear real ones (not as cute..) to read. aaand I'm ridiculous.

  10. Well I think you should follow trends more often because you looks great!!

  11. i think my vision's like 20/10 or something and i have no hope of ever having nerd glasses (sarah's warby parker's make me jeal). you are looking good in yours, em!

  12. Please share your hair the heck do you get so much volume??? It's gorgeous!


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