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posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2012

i just worked five shifts in a row
yesterday was my day off
and i spent it running errands and doing chores.

tonight i go back to work
(the 6pm to 2am shift. who thinks of these times?)

now that you all know my schedule
and feel sufficiently sorry for me
here's a question:
how do we all feel about sponsorship?

i've always felt it was something more appropriate for full-time bloggers
not part-time/whenever-i-get-the-time bloggers such as myself
yet i've recently been approached about some sponsorship opportunities
i was hesitant at first.
i'm a purist!
i blog for catharsis and communication! 
not commerce!

but then i thought...
eh. i'm doing it anyway. 
might as well receive some ancillary benefits from the situation?
i'm a huge fan of multitasking.

so this here blog is getting syndicated.
not really.
but you might see some more ads in the future.

i said it.

in the meantime,
check me out on Style Me Pretty!
yeah yeah wasn't my wedding.
but i was a bridesmaid!

photo c/o jessica lorren organic photography
i blogged all about this wedding back in March.

and in case you're in the mood for a flashback...
here's MY wedding's feature...going all the way back to 2010.

ahh the memories.

another one from Rachie Rach's wedding reception
we are quite the cozy couple, no?
photo c/o jessica lorren organic photography
this one's going on the wall.

happy Thursday!


  1. oh that one MUST go on the wall! it's too cute (:

    and yay for being featured on style me pretty... TWICE! makes you famous in my book, for sure..

  2. yeah you're cozy! where's that left hand, lady?! ; )

  3. I love the color scheme for that wedding! Everyone looked beautiful!

  4. obsessed with that last pic of you and nick. And i saw the feature on style me pretty..i like how you are in it A LOT..its because you are hot. ya, i said it. the camera loves you. and i love you. we need a gchat catch up.

  5. 5 shifts in a row?


    ... I see ads already. I won' t hold it against you.

  6. Ack! Five shifts in a row! I do not envy you that.

    And go for the ads. Most people will either not notice it or unless they're reall obnoxious like a pop up won't really care. Get what you can from it. There's no shame in it and IMO it doesn't make you any less authentic.

  7. SOoooooo gorgeous, Em! I also forgot to tell you I love how you did your hair. I attempted it yesterday and failed. Womp womp.

  8. such great photos, they look so happy together!



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