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posted on: Thursday, July 26, 2012

i got a love-email from my bestie, Meghan this morning
she just kicked the Georgia Bar Exam's ass
and is now gearing up for her high-powered law career.
hopefully she decides malpractice would be an awesome thing to concentrate on
because that would be incredibly convenient
for me.


she sent me these pics.
one of us at her wedding
(i was the MOH)

and one of my handwriting
for all of you

isn't she the greatest?
thinking of my blog followers like that?

it's Resident's Day again
that blessed day that comes four times a year
where the ER attending physicians
cover the department so that the residents can all go bond
or float the river.
either one.

so i'm off to do some floating
then tomorrow,
Nick and I have his-and-hers bachelor/bachelorette parties
his is in Austin
mine is in Vegas

i win.

see you all Monday!


  1. You're totally right. Your handwriting is awesome! That looks like a really cool font that would be fun to download, but best of all I love that it's a tribute to your friend. :)

  2. Yep, that's pretty awesome handwriting all right! :)

  3. So nice of Morgan, I was curious about what your handwriting looked like after yesterday. Have fun in Vegas!!

  4. yay for vegas! and off days! enjoy yourself... i cannot wait to see pics!

    (oh, and ill holler at you tomorrow, when we are driving through sin city on our way to SLC for my hubby's family reunion camping trip!)

  5. Your handwriting is pretty stinkin fabulous. And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except that we would all like to see some photos from your trip. Usually it's the boys wanting jet off there. Glad you are able to enjoy some of their fun.


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