posted on: Friday, July 6, 2012

hide me from the world today.
i haven't been this cranky in a *while*
i'm fighting off some kind of viral plague that's threatening to overtake me
on my day off, no less
and the dog is being an obnoxious little shit
to put it mildly

oh cruel cruel world.

typically when i get this way
i eat my feelings.

the above photos were taken at Jess's house in Florida last week
she just whipped up a delicious cheese tray
in 3 minutes flat
like it ain't no thang.

and the ones below were from the food truck outing we made

fresh snapper tacos
be still my heart

prettiest lil' food truck i ever did see
if you're ever in West Palm Beach, FL
you should most definitely partake.

then jess and dave and i went for oysters
(don't worry. this was not all on the same day.)

it's great to have friends that are foodies too.
if you are, in fact, a foodie.
like i am.
 "foodie", definition: a fancy term for someone who enjoys copious amounts of delicious food 
and forgoes the luxury of being stick skinny.

i may or may not have just made that up.

fortunately i married a foodie.
so last night i tried to work a little of jess's magic in my own home

we play Gin and drink alcohol on our patio on a pretty regular basis

i feel a touch better.


  1. I love your foodie definition! ha...I'll go along with that. And I'm slightly obsessed with food idea ever!

  2. This is seriously not fair... my mouth is salivating somethin' serious! Those tacos... SPEECHLESS. It's official, I'm a foodie fo sho.

  3. cards + alcohol can definitely make one feel better (:

    theres a grilled cheese truck out here that i HAVE to try at least once in my life...

    anyway, try to enjoy your day off...? ? if you can.. if the little shit lets you..


  4. I hope your day off picks up girl! BTW your cheese tray looks fantastic, what are those adorable little crackers? So Cute!

  5. you are hilarious. and a girl after my own heart, cards, food, alcohol. yes!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Don't worry ... I know a lot of foodies. It ain't no shame. It makes people happier. :)

  8. I am definitely a foodie- at least according to your definition. Those fish tacos may be killing me right now. I can't wait to be back in CA. tacos do not exist in Germany! Hope tomorrow is better :)

  9. HANG ON, that's the food truck drea works at! (ohdeardrea blog!)

    and 'obnoxious little shit' - HAHAHA.

  10. Can I get your definition of a foodie printed on a shirt?! It's downright perfection!


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