if you really knew me...

posted on: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

...you'd know that i can't start my day without coffee. I brew it at home and put it in a travel mug and drink it slow. it's one of the best parts of every day, but I can't drink more than one mug-full. or else I get the shakes. 

...you'd know that i can count on one hand the number of times in my life that i've been truly happy with the level of flatness of my tummy. and that all of those times were immediately post-stomach-flu.

...you'd know that Words of Affirmation are my biggest love language. we get shift evaluations from the staff physicians that we work with, and i check the website almost daily to see if there's a new one up so i can read something good that someone saying about me. this explains why i love your comments so much. (:

...you'd know that no one would ever describe me as "easy-going".

...you'd know that i act tough with my badass job and my military career...but that i'm really a sensitive soul who is still learning how to have a softer side. 

...you'd know that i have pretty awesome handwriting. i started writing the way that i do because my friend Natalee had the *coolest* handwriting when we were freshmen in college. i was inspired and took after her. she passed away suddenly during our sophomore year, and now i think about her every time i think about the way i write. 

...you'd know that my biggest regret in life is not taking out a $3000 loan to study abroad in London during my junior year of undergrad. that sum of money seems so small compared to the student loan debt i have now, and it would have been a priceless experience. i made a vow to never let a little money get in the way of me traveling ever again. and so far, i've kept it.

...you'd know that i can't wait to get out of the military. june 29, 2018. it'll be a party. you're all invited. i may dye my hair blue for it...just because i'll finally be able to.

...you'd know that i love the act of shopping. even if i don't buy anything, just perusing the racks and scouring for deals and trying on clothes is enough for me. 

...you'd know that i've moved so many times in my life (more than 20) that it's hard for me to imagine settling down somewhere. but that i think California would be a nice place to give it a go.

...you'd know that i was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. my parents used to be missionaries. i don't speak Portuguese. and that makes me sad.

...you'd know that i have the skinniest fingers and toes. 

...you'd know that i'm missing the two teeth that were on either side of my two-front-teeth. (#7 and #10, for all the dentists out there) one of the adult teeth was congenitally missing, so they pulled the matching tooth on the other side and pushed my teeth together with braces. middle school was a particularly attractive time for me.

...you'd know that i bit off my tongue when i was 13 months old. fell of the back of a chair. it happened in Brazil, and a bunch of nurses held me down while they fixed it (something about no anesthetic?). i was terrified of people in white coats for years after that. ironic, eh?

i think that's enough for now. (:


  1. I love posts like these, it makes me feel like I get to know a friend even more and that makes me happy :)
    I also cannot start my day without coffee and can't have more than one for the same reason as you.
    I am most definitely not easy going, my perfectionist tendencies won't allow it. and I most definitely regret not going abroad during undergrad but I might get to if I get into medical school! so fingers crossed.
    your little story about your handwriting is so sweet, it's so great to be able to remember a friend every day just by the simple act of writing :)

  2. next post: pics from your middle school days. please :)

  3. whoa. so many fascinating things in this post!! brazil? amazeballs. I kind of love that you're not easy going. also, are we ever really TRULY happy with the flatness of our tummies? we're woman. I think not. once we have babies.. man, I think it's REALLY over ;)

    and lastly, I'm so coming to your party in 2018!

  4. Fascinating.
    I did accumulate some debt so that I could study abroad in college. My only regret about it is that I wish I would have chosen somewhere more exotic.

  5. Cali is a good place to be my friend. Minus the fact that its bankrupt of course..
    You lived in brazil!? Awesome. You were a traveler out of the womb!
    I laughed outloud at your middle school attractiveness. It was a rough phase for us all. And haha id say the same about flat tummyness.. Most proud ive ever been was when i got sick in vietnam and couldnt eat for two weeks. Figures! (:

    Loved this!

  6. You need to show us your handwriting now, because I'm incredibly curious!

  7. It always amazes me when people come up with so many fun and interesting facts about themselves. I can't think of any.

  8. Loved reading this Em. You are an especially cool and interesting person, did you know that? I like you.

    ...hope you have a good day. :)

  9. When I was 10 I went on a mission trip to Brazil and loved it! Ironically, I fell and busted open my chin while there and needed stitches. My first time in the hospital and no one spoke english! I'll always have a pretty little (big)scar to remember it by!

  10. oh i LOVE reading these! im doing mine tomorrow (:

    how weird that you would HATE white coats and now you wear one everyday...

    and born in brazil?! i would SHOUT that from the rooftops and pretend that it made me more awesome than i currently am (as if that's even possible...)

  11. I definitely relate to the post-stomach flu-tummy one! So ridiculous, we women are! But I am completely un-womanly because I truly dislike shopping. Unless I have a decent amount of money to spend. But even then I get sick of it really quickly. It's probably b/c I'm limited to discount stores with nothing that fits right and can rarely afford anything nicer. That could certainly put a damper on shopping! But the idea of just looking around and trying things on...for FUN...is completely foreign to me!

  12. The tongue thing- ewwww/ouch! Wow! These "if you really knew me" posts are so much fun, I love reading all these little tidbits about my blog-buddies. Oh, and June 29, 2018? I'll toast to that ;)

    (Oh- I owe you an email. We're in Spain/Portugal for two weeks right now, so it may be after that- but yes. So much yes.)

  13. Wow, you have so many interesting ones!
    I totally agree with you on the money thing--It's hard not to let it stand in the way, but I have some similar regrets.
    Crazy about your tongue--ouch!

  14. Love reading these posts!
    Your study abroad one hit home with me. I've been back and forth over the issue for months now!
    And the shopping? I'm the same way. Walking through a store and looking at pretty things, even if I don't buy anything, always makes me a little happier.

  15. coffee, YES. biting off your own tongue, NO. easy going? i will have to see for myself when/if we EVER MEET.

  16. did i know you were born in brazil??? I feel like i should have.

    the tongue thing made me hurt all the way to my toes. oooof. and i am going to be at your out of the military party with bells on

  17. You seem pretty easy going to me! Blog-wise that is!
    But I always have money get in the way of travel. Well, actually, as I write this I have traveled for a few days, but no where worthy of a huge spending spree. Which is exactly why I chose this spot! I always have money get in the way of everything. It's pretty bad. I need to let go of that!
    But that's pretty cool that you were born in another country. Have you been back there since?

  18. Yes! California! Right next door to me in fact!

  19. If it makes you feel *any* better, living in London for a year with a shopping addiction would have probably doubled your student debt ;) I lived there for four years and saved, like, no money.

    Hope you get to live there one day though cuz it is a great city :)




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