the guadalupe

posted on: Monday, July 23, 2012

yesterday was a red letter day.
we. were both. OFF.
on a weekend day.
it's the little things.

so we hit the river!

waylon is not too sure about the river.

save me, mom!

a man and his dog.

family photo.
minus Ella.
she stays at home for these grand adventures.

the river..from the road.

we had such a delightful day.
we found a secret river spot
which was HUGE.
because at the Guadalupe River State Park,
they don't allow the drinking of beer.
poor form, Texas. poor form.

so we went rogue and found our own river entry point.
FAR superior to what the state park had to offer.

way to redeem yourself, Texas.


  1. aww you guys are so cute! i love these family pics with the puppy!


  2. Now that's a perfect day. You two (sorry... three) are seriously perfect for each other.


  3. haha. That's awesome! Might you be willing to share this secret spot:) That photo of waylon running at the camera is great!

  4. bahaha you are a girl after my own heart! this past weekend, we snuck our brewskis down to the beaches- even though they seem to think we arent going to drink alcohol.. on the beach.. while we are having fun.. pshaw, to those rules! if i have to PAY to get in (which, you have to pay for state parks out here in CA.. do you have to in TX, too?) i am going to be drinking.

    LOVE these pics! especially the one of waylon running toward you (: glad you guys had some time to spend together.. on a weekend, too!

  5. Waylon is just the cutest little (big) guy! Glad you both had the day off and got to enjoy the sun!

  6. Looks like a gorgeous, fun day! (With an adorable pup!)

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style & travel)

  7. Love these pics, looking very relaxed and Waylon is just a bit too adorable! I know how rare time off together is when hospitals are involved - let alone in the sunshine! Got to make the most of it :)

  8. That looks like a good time :) I never thought of to check out a river and just hang out there. I have to look into that now!
    And that is a cute 'family photo'.

  9. A perfect way to spend a day off with your adorable family!!


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