amy grant was my idol

posted on: Friday, August 31, 2012

omg i have 400 followers!
celebration is in order.
it will probably take place this evening at the airport
(a more respectable time to be celebrating something with a cocktail)

we are going to the great state of Tennessee this weekend
to watch our friends (and neighbors!) Dave and Meghan tie the knot
should be a fantastic time
as weddings usually are
you may remember Meghan from this bachelorette party i went to?
me and the bach-ette in our Herve
more to come on Monday.
i'm sure i'll be littering instagram (emflem) and twitter (docemily) over the weekend
if you care to follow along

so i saw this on Pinterest

and i could think of a song for pretty much every day
so i figured i'd give you all some insights into my soul
and play along

Day 01--A song from your childhood
Baby Baby by Amy Grantt on Grooveshark

oh yes.
we were all about the Contemporary Christian music
back in the day
it was all we were allowed to listen to
and this was the hippest of the hip when i was 5.

care to play along?
leave me a link in the comments.
i'm curious...
does this song remind YOU of your childhood?
or were you listening to Zeppelin from the cradle?


  1. I was listening to my mom's oldies... which weren't so bad, I have to say!! What a fun thing (I have no idea what those ___ in _____ are called collectively?!).

    I'd have to say Day 1: "Cherokee Nation" by Paul Revere and the Raiders.
    OR "It's My Party" by Leslie Gore. Those were my jams, as much as a preschooler can have a jam.

  2. I think I've done something in the past but I might do it 1 a week or something - then again that would cover all the way to Christmas and beyond lol.

    Song from my childhood - I always knew Christmas was coming when my Mum played her Amy Grant CD and I'd hear Breath of Heaven. I even downloaded the CD last Christmas to get me in the Christmas spirit because I was being a bit Scroogey

  3. stop for a minute, baaaaby i'm so glad your miiiine... bhahahahaha oh amy grant.... this song, and mainly her xmas cd, will FOREVER remind me of childhood aka singing along in the car with my momma

    thank you for this (:

  4. Oh my goodness, I could go on and on about music from my childhood! My dad would play Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places really loudly and my sister and I would sing along like it was the best thing ever. Then, Achy Breaky Heart came out and IT WAS ON. So funny!

    Love your blog and congrats on the 400 followers!

  5. Love this song!! Didn't realize it was contemporary Christian. I am going to a Christian Music Festival tomorrow though, and Amy Grant is one of the performers! :)

  6. ohhh emmm geee!!! this is sooo my childhood song!

  7. Amy Grant was definitely the soundtrack of my childhood. I think my mom owns every one of her albums.

  8. When my parents separated my mom moved out and we stayed with Dad. Dad liked to wake us in the morning by blasting Tom Petty.
    So..Free Fallin would probably fit the bill for this one in my world. :)

  9. hahaha Christian music was the only type of music I was allowed to hear until I was about 14...then I snuck some bsb and boybands in the mix. :-) Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. yes! amy grant! her Christmas cd was the only one we ever listened to while decorating the tree.

  11. Whoo hoo 400 followers for you! That's great. I am one of them I might add!
    Gosh, that Amy Grant song...I remember that one! I think I liked that song back then! Or at least tolerated it.
    I don't think I have a song for all those things though. I don't really have any songs that remind me of particular people. Maybe everyone seems to like different music than me. Although listening to a 90s song reminds me of being a kid. Like the Spice Girls. I heard a Spice Girls song on the radio the other day. That was pretty random. But of course I sang along!

  12. Have to comment again, because guess what song is stuck in my head?! Hmm...Amy Grant perhaps? :)

  13. Amy Grant was totally my favorite artist growing up - I owned all of her albums and then some.


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