love, my iPhone

posted on: Monday, August 27, 2012

i need to go to the gym.
my iPhone is dead.
i always listen to my iPhone at the gym.
this blog post is brought to you by the fact that my iPhone is dead and needs to be charged before i can take it to the gym.

some other equally fascinating thoughts...

i dyed my hair recently.
i usually dye it dark every 8-10 weeks or so.
i usually love it.
this time i'm a little ambivalent about it.

we went to the Frio River yesterday.
i worked a night shift Saturday night
got home at 8am.
and got about 3 hours of sleep before we left.
i looked lovely. [heavy sarcasm]
but was still able to ooze charm from my every pore.

Nick and I have been playing Words With Friends for about 2 years now.
not the same game. obviously.
but still.
i have beat him twice.
evidence of time #2:
 (Lino Bradley is his porn star name: middle name + street he grew up on.)

random story alert:
this one time, in med school,
Nick and I were driving to class in the morning
in separate cars (for some reason i can't remember)
and we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts on the way
Nick was in front of me in the drive-thru
when i pulled up to the window
to get my sausage-egg-and-cheese-on-a-croissant and coffee-with-cream-and-sugar
the chick in the window said the man in front of me had paid for my breakfast already
and that he'd left a note
which read:
"you're cute. call me. --Lino Bradley"
and he gave me his number

 so glad i snagged that boy.

p.s. i'm 3 away from 400 followers. i think i will have a party when i get there.
you're invited.
there might be champagne.


  1. The Dunkin Donuts story made me actually laugh out loud!
    But I thought porn star names were your first pet and street you grew up on? Mine's presidential: Harry Williamsburg.
    You didn't tell us yours, though...

    1. playing by your rules, mine is:
      Hallie Hardenshire

      sounds sorta naughty, huh?

  2. cutest story ever. loooove, love :)

  3. Love this story! I just recently found your blog, and love it!

  4. Are you going to be accepting games from readers since we can see your username? :)

  5. oh my God that Dunkin Donuts story is the cutest thing.

  6. this was a truly amazing post lol highly entertaining!! i felt like it was an extremely caffeinated add posting and i really liked it. totally my style! keep up the good work :)

  7. haha...mine playing by the pet name rule is Trixie Valiant..which I always thought was pretty good! Middle name though... Lee Valiant...not so sexy, or feminine.

    Ps--that Dunkin Donuts story is ADORABLE! :)

  8. Love the Dunkin story...he's clearly a keeper.

    I always have about 47 different WWF games going on and I've one, I think, maybe, 2. It should really depress me but I love playing so much I just keep thinking I'll get better. I did get a 115 point word the other day. That was basically the highlight of my life.

  9. ahaha. that is one hilarious story!

    and yeah to the 400. :) congrats!

  10. That story is too funny! And I love the dark hair. Maybe b/c I'm a blonde & have dark hair envy....

  11. That random story is so adorably cute!!!
    The dark hair is stunning - I LOVE it!
    Caley -

  12. You are at 400 followers now, yay! ;) Cute cute hair and glad you had fun near the water, looks like a blast! ;)

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  15. That is the exact reason I make it to the gym HALF the time i intend to. HA!


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