Montana: Glen Lake

posted on: Thursday, August 16, 2012

best to just begin at the beginning, right?

Glen Lake 

the "bear cabin"

at Lick Lake
Christmas Card potential. for sure.

Nick's dad helped carve out these benches.

yes. those are bears.
a mama and her cubs. this is as close as i allowed myself to get.
they just walked across the road. right in front of us.
super normal.

thug life.

walking is really hard work on vacation.
you should definitely stretch afterwards.

my handsome lake chauffeur.

drinking the king of beers on Glen Lake
because i'm an American dammit.

and i'd probably rather be drinking something else.

Nick's dad's family has had property on Glen Lake for years.
where is Glen Lake, you ask?
it's in Eureka, Montana.
just 8 short miles from the Canadian border in NW Montana.
so that water that looks delightfully refreshing? it's like, 58 degrees.
this Florida girl jumps in and gets right back on out.

anyway. here's some family history:
Nick's grandfather used to live in Eureka.
in the 1950's, immediately following the polio epidemic,
he got word that Stanford University was giving out scholarships
to people willing to study Physical Therapy.
so he moved his family to California to study PT.
after he graduated, somebody said, 
Hey. There's no Physical Therapists in Santa Cruz. 
so Grandpa Fleming went to Santa Cruz to fill that need.
Nick's dad and his uncle both followed in their father's footsteps and became PT's too
and they eventually took over his practice in Santa Cruz.
every summer, they would each give the other one a month of vacation
so they could take their families back up to Montana for a month on the lake

the family has a couple of little cabins
right on Glen Lake.
Nick spent a month in Montana every summer
for his whole life
until he went to medical school
we went to Montana in 2008--between first year and second year--
and haven't been able to get back there until now

there's lots to do there:
drinking beer
drinking beer
drinking beer

you get the idea?

and now you see why i need to lose 5lbs.

these are just the first of many gems from our trip to Montana.
next up, i shoot a gun.
several of them, actually.
without hurting myself or any other living thing.


  1. Great pictures! It looks really beautiful and relaxing. I don't think summer is good for anybody's midsection....well it hasn't been good for mine anyways.

  2. ah this sounds so perfect. Loved the little history too :) I love hearing old stories like that.

  3. pictures are so beautiful! seriously. so great, i just got back from a beach vacay and i know how you feel about loosing 5 lbs ha, i was a cool ranch doritio eating machine while at the beach. and it was wonderful :)

  4. 1) thug life? amazing. 2) bud heavy? awesome. 3) your boobs? jealous.

  5. that's really close to where i live!!!! welcome to the great north.

  6. This spot looks amazing! Great photos!

  7. The best vacations revolve around food & drinking beer. I think the need to lose a few lbs afterwards means you had a deservedly good time :)

    (at least that's what I'm telling myself after my own vacation....)

  8. beautiful photos, Em! I love Montana. and beer. and lakes. and shooting. Maybe that's where we should go next!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to be there for sure! :) I wish i could go somewhere like that. So glad you got to go!

  10. Seems like a great time. I've never really been to an actual lake, and hung around. Seems better to me than the beach. Just because no hot sand around that I have to walk in! And maybe less crowded. Although since you live in Florida, you will probably disagree! I have family in FL though, so it does have a little piece of my heart.
    But glad you had a good time. And that you weren't attacked by those bears!

  11. Holy crap, girl! I wish my family had/hung onto properties like Nick's does- you've got some of the best getaway spots! Can't wait to read more about the trip!

  12. first of all, there's no way you need to lose 5lbs because you look amazing. second, those carved out benches are pretty awesome, and so manly of them to do. i kind of want one. and third, drinking beer on a lake is my kind of party!

  13. I mean, really what else do you do on a lake? It's downright UNAmerican to not be drinking a bud.


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