olympic thoughts...and a giveaway winner!

posted on: Friday, August 3, 2012

does anyone else think my brother Jesse

bears something of a resemblance to Gabby Douglas?

same eye shape
similar smiles
i swear the first thing i thought when i saw her
was dang she looks like my brother

i mean, at the very least, they'd make one hell of a cute couple
they're the same age (:
she could be in my family.
i'd be way okay with that.

Gabby blew me away.
so proud of her and how hard she worked to make her dreams come true
i can identify with that

all of you worked very hard to enter my giveaway
(ok maybe not)
but still.
here's the winner!

Natalie you won!
email me and we'll work out the details.
i'll be in Montana with my hubby all of next week
but i'll send out your prize as soon as i get back!

i'll miss you all
but i'll take tons of pictures in Montana
and i'll try to actually look presentable in them
just for you.


  1. oooo montana!!!! i'm way excited for you- i haven't been, yet, so please take awesome pictures for me, k? we were just in utah and boy did i LOVE it... the thunderstorms, the wilderness, looking up at night... oh you are going to have a blast!

    and yes, gabby should call your brother asap. i mean, and ER doc AND and olympian? your parents should really thank you (;

  2. Wow they look soooo much alike. They would be an adorable couple with super cute kids!
    Have fun in Montana!

  3. oh wow (new commenter here), Gabby and Jesse DO look so much alike. All this time I'd been thinking she looked just like a mini Oprah :)

  4. Maybe everyone has a similar person running around somewhere! Especially when you see someone and you're like, 'You remind me of someone...'. But yes, they look exactly alike! I didn't get to see Gabbby in her performance, but I'm glad she did a great job. Although sometimes I hate NBC right now, because they do little profiles on people at the Olympics and I always think they do that because they know that person won. Or maybe that's just me who thinks that!

  5. that is insanity. they really do look a lot a like... and you know they say that most couples look similar. so there ya go, she's meant to be in your family lol


  6. Your Montana photos on insta have already blown my mind. Hurry back to us!


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