day 5

posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

day five, a song that is often stuck in your head:
for some reason, it's always this one...
Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen on Grooveshark
preach, Freddy Mercury. preach.
and i dare you not to bang on your steering wheel during that drum riff near the end... 

in the interest of full disclosure,
i felt i should share the following with you

i received this touching series of texts today.
and no follow up "jk i love you" text
as you can see.

not all hearts and roses up in here.
real talk.
from someone who, apparently, does not rock.


  1. hahaha, that is hilarious. And sound like something my husband would do.

  2. HAHAHA - this is so hilarious. Why are guys so not in-tune with reality sometimes? HA. Love the post and love your blog! xox

  3. text mistakes are the most hilarious of all!

  4. hahaha I just died.

    but seriously... you DO rock.


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