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posted on: Monday, September 17, 2012

 this is a shot of my boys this weekend.
Waylon is growing up.

let us not forget how he looked a mere 3 months ago.

be still my heart

this weekend was perfectly simple.
i worked all weekend, but a different shift every day
so we married folk got in lots of hangout time
at random times

friday night we ordered Thai food
and watched two movies on Netflix
and stayed up way too late

saturday morning we slept in like woah
then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast brunch
i worked an evening shift
then came home at midnight 
just in time to catch the end of "Obama Revealed"
and the beginning of "Romney Revealed"
and we stayed up way too late again talking about politics

sunday we slept in again
(this is the beauty of working nights. the sleeping in. oh is it ever glorious.)
then watched some football
enjoyed the rare San Antonio rain
ordered a pizza
chatted argued with my dad about politics (on the phone)
went to the hot tub
watched some more football
grilled some steaks
then i went to work again.

i got to thinking about how nice this life we have is
i don't always feel that way about it
so i feel like i should document it when i do
to help me remember
that this time when it was just the two of us
was precious
and special
something to be treasured.

our babies will be born
and life will be brand new right along with them
i look forward to it.

but for now
we have this.
our own little kind of wonderful.

and i kind of love it.


  1. I kind of love it too.

    I'm glad you cleared that up with "someday" because I was cheering for you in my head, she's pregnant!

  2. Aaaw, your little pup isn't so little anymore... but still so cute!!
    Enjoy these wonderful moments Em, we were just saying the other day how we miss them (even though we adore our little princess!)

  3. This sounds like an absolutely delightful weekend! Also, holy crap- when did Waylon's German Shepherd ears appear?!?! Those things could get satellite!

  4. this is a sweet post, my friend. know what else is sweet? cracker barrel food.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I tend to get caught up in looking ahead, when I perceive things will be better. But that isn't good. Loved this post.

    By the way, thanks for your e-mail back to my comment the other day. I think you're right... I bet that intern never forgot to give aspirin again. :)

  6. dont you DARE have children before i am ready. yes, that is what im zero-ing in on.

  7. sounds like a glorious weekend! and take it from my momma (who has been a PA in the ER for 25+ years- her boyfriend has worked in the SAME er, as a doctor, for like, almost as many..?) ENJOY it while you can!!!!

    i also love the idea of documenting when life is "oh so good".. i mean, i sort of already do that. but when it's simple, and no stress, i don't often post about that. and THAT is what it's all about, right?

  8. Sounds like a nice weekend you had. It's now almost 9 pm when I'm writing this, and I'm just imagining how your job is, where you might be either at work now, or getting ready for work...And I'm tired right now! Hope it's not like that for you, but maybe since you sleep in you get a good rest before work.
    And I love Cracker Barrel! I've actually never had breakfast there, but I'm sure it's just as good as lunch!
    And your dog looked so cute as a puppy! If only puppies could stay puppies forever.


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