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posted on: Monday, September 24, 2012

day four: a song that calms you down

i don't know if you've noticed, but my life can often use some calming influences
so i can't just pick one song
i have an arsenal of them
all on one playlist.
i'll spare you the full gauntlet, but here are three of the more effective ones

The Long Day Is Over by Norah Jone on Grooveshark
soothe me, Norah.

Duet by Rachael Yamagata Ft. Ray Lamontage on Grooveshark
Yamagata and Lamontagne. damn. i literally cry when i hear this song sometimes.

re: Stacks by Bon Iver on Grooveshark
i don't think i really need to say anything else about Bon Iver.
but I will. because i've literally spent the last hour and a half
watching their Radio City Music Hall concert
(via YouTube on the new behemoth television. lemme just
so basically i've been experiencing goosebumps for 90 minutes.
care to do the same? here you go.

in my drunk-on-music, uber-contemplative state,
i've been thinking about the past few days
and how i just can't shake this incredibly happy feeling i've got.
my job is challenging and fulfilling, though gross and stressful a lot of the time.
and i get to do life with this guy

 why yes, that IS eggroll grease right near my belly button.
 we're better candid.
and Target makes the BEST fake leather jackets.

even working nights is turning out to not suck.
going to work at 11pm means i can be this guy's date
to both a rehearsal dinner and a wedding on Friday and Saturday nights (respectively)
i earned major street cred with the boys by doing that, bt-dubs.
they were all, my wife would NEVER be out if she had to work later.
there were even two sweet comments from my hubby...unsolicited and everything

driving in the car on the way to the rehearsal dinner,
after i put on this song and started rapping along with it
Good Day by Nappy Roots on Grooveshark
putting on my emphasis on the "ain't nobody gonna die today" part
(i mean, obviously. remember what i do.)
he looked at me and goes
"you know, you'd be impossible to replace if anything ever happened to you.
you're pretty hardcore."

oh so THAT's why.

then he randomly thanked me for cooking dinners for him
to take to work all last week.
"you have no idea how nice it was to have homecooked food."

warm fuzzies, all around. yes?


  1. Yes to the warm fuzzies. And now I feel like a jerk for not making my husband dinners while he's been on nights for the last two weeks. I managed to make him a sandwich the other day. After he begged me. I need to take wife classes from you.

  2. I came across your blog recently. I share your love of good music. I saw bon iver's same concert in philly last weekend. it was the most amazing live show i've ever seen. second to last song..Wolves I when the crowd chants 'what might have been lost"..gave me chills live and while watching the radio city youtube video. hopefully they make this performance into a DVD...can't believe it's only availabe for 48 hrs. Heard of The Lumineers? Sweet upcoming band. Every song on their album is good.

  3. Aww, that's sweet what your hubby said to you. And I love checking out new songs, so thanks for that.
    And I was totally wondering where you got that jacket! Target...hmm...if it's even there anymore, I have to check that out!

  4. aww! what a little thank you can do sometimes. :)
    and thank YOU for the music input.
    especially for the last one. best song to enjoy my morning-coffee.
    we're gonna have a good day!

  5. Some serious hardcore warm fuzzies!

  6. you guys are pretty hawt!
    and yes, target does make the best faux leather

    xo the egg out west.

  7. Mmmm Bon that man's voice.

    And you two are so dang cute, I can't even take it.

  8. i hear you on Duet. that shit brings me to tears nearly every damn time.


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