tennessee wedding

posted on: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

so here's how the weekend went
according to my iPhone

preflight beers in San Antonio

reunited with my best buddie Julie

the med school crew!
yes. these are all doctors.
  okay that's a lie.
one is a lawyer
and one is a PA.

we ambushed the groom as he was trying to get on the elevator
and made him take a picture with us out by the pool
[note the UTennessee coozies. purchased especially for this event.]

nick was in the bathroom (or something)
so Foster was my stand-in date

 Fancy Flemings

substitute the dude in the seersucker for the groom,
and you've got a former roommate shot
(these were Nick's roomies in med school...before i snatched him away)

we rode buses from the hotel to the ceremony to the reception
and back to the hotel
best. wedding. idea. ever.

hi. we're at prom.

just in case you guys thought nick had gotten good at not closing his eyes
while taking pictures

yeah yeah
so maybe i DID take a lot of pictures of us

but here's the bride and groom making their entrance!

me and Colleen. sister-in-law of the groom...
and my Vegas partner-in-crime.
love her.
[woah purple uplights.]

Nick stole somebody's glasses.
he looked super hott in them.
i'm thinking about making it a permanent thing...
this Nick-in-glasses.

we obviously had a great time.
further evidenced by the fact that i woke up on Sunday morning
to find my liver lying on the floor next to me crying.
so. many. gin and tonics.

guess who's NOT pregnant?
this guy.


  1. hahahaha i LOVE you. and you look HOT

  2. So a while back when you said you've never been happy with your stomach? I'd kill for yours. Just sayin'.

    That prom pic cracked me up. Who on earth came up with that pose, and why is it the standard??

  3. LOL! Guess who's not pregnant. Hilarious! Also, you're freaking hot. Do you work out like all the time or just eat a lot of oreos?

  4. I love your blog posts. They are so me... except the whole married and really smart doctor parts. PS. PLEASE tell me you will be sharing your hot body secrets. Work it girl!

  5. looks like you guys had a blast! that dress is H.O.T. way to give the bride some competition! (her dress is gorgeous, btdubs)

  6. Whoo hooo hot doctors (an others)..you look gorgeous...and the bride...whoa...beautiful! I can't wait to travel to a wedding next week...:-)

  7. You look really pretty Emily!
    That's a good idea to have a beer or something before a flight, because for me it would me less nervous to fly!
    Looks like you had a great time at the wedding though. Love your 'we're at prom' picture. That was funny.

  8. I've decided that you go to lots of pretty weddings.

  9. haha love the glasses! And the comment about the liver ;) Hey, sign of a good weekend, no?

  10. You look AMAZING in that dress. HOTTIE!

    Buses to and from?? That IS a freaking good idea.

  11. Looks like a great wedding! Love your dress. :)

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