posted on: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

cheers, Nonni. us, after the funeral. celebrating her life.
i'm feeling especially thankful today.

--i'm thankful Nick's and my crazy schedules are finally weird enough that we're actually getting to spend a lot of time together. during the day, even. love that guy. getting to hang with him is such a treat.

--i'm thankful we got to watch football last weekend on our new big screen tv. materialistic? yes. but we've wanted one for years and finally were able to make it happen. the hindquarters of the football players look so much more phenomenal on a 55" screen. sayeth Nick. 

--i'm thankful that everything is working out for our winter Euro trip. we got the time off. together. and we booked our tickets. it's official. Salzburg and Venice in January 2013. where should we stay? what should we do? i know you all have brilliant suggestions. lemme hear em...

--i'm thankful that it's actually cooling down a bit in San Antonio. you can set foot out the door without getting immediately drenched in sweat. i actually sat OUTSIDE on the porch last night. for over an hour. drinking wine and catching up on all your blogs. it was delightful.

--i'm thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives and limbs in defense of this great nation of ours. i'm proud to be serving in the military alongside them. it's an incredible honor to be supporting these selfless men and women, for whom politics are less important than accomplishing the mission, and for whom service comes before self. they are why i do what i do.

--along those same lines, i'm thankful to be learning Emergency Medicine from the people who put it into practice in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of our soldiers. i am constantly in awe of what they've done. they embody Emergency Medicine: prepared to heal everyone. even our enemies. takes a lot of guts, and i'm incredibly lucky to have such badass mentors.

--i'm thankful for The Avett Brothers and their new album. it's lovely. can't wait to see them at Austin City Limits. 

--i'm thankful to have such a great body of readers. your constant support and friendship is such a blessing to me. i can't wait to meet each and everyone of you and give you a hug. 

i don't know if it's the 9/11 memories, or something else. but this is where i'm at today. and as you all know, sometimes you just have to blog when you're feeling particularly gushy. 

so there it is.


  1. Loved this post! Glad that you and the Mister get to spend more time together!

  2. I'm glad you're focusing on positives- and they're all fantastic ones!!
    Yay for time together! Yay for Europe! Yay for loving your job, (even if you don't always like it!) And holy hell, girl- FIFTY-FIVE INCHES?!?!!

    Man. I haven't even dreamed of one that big... ahem- a TV that big, I mean ;)

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  4. How could you POSSIBLY have forgotten to be thankful for your bestie who provides you with free legal advice and sweet babies to love on??? ;)

  5. i absolutely love thankful lists! they remind how much we all have to be thankful for. about your winter eurotrip, one word...
    Problems solved, seriously.

  6. Love this list of thanks!! So great (:
    I have been to Venice, but not exactly sure where we stayed as someone else planned it haha but it was an awesome, older hotel. But you SHOULD go to a blown-glass factory, it's a short water taxi away and so wonderful!

  7. Love the thankfulness post. I tried to be as thankful as possible yesterday & to just enjoy the little things, like taking my dog on a walk on a beautiful day. What great reminders!

  8. Such a grateful post!
    Thank you for YOU and your wonderful blog.

  9. Salzburg and Venice??? Good JOB! That's going to be an amazing vacay. But duh, you already know that.

    Have fun watching those hineys on tv :D


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