posted on: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

and i don't mean the kind in your knee.

it's an armadillaccordion and i love it.

so after last week's deep discussion posts,
i had a terribly exhausting day
made even better by the fact that my post for that day was all screwed up
there was a video. it was epic.
and only i could see it.

so i gave up on blogging and went to Austin City Limits.
for the weekend, anyway.

the ladies of Emergency Medicine
 if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some of these.
but not all.
no...not all.

like that one?
Flemings playing with sausage?
only for the blog.
you're welcome.

the Civil Wars.
everyone else i came with went to Two Door Cinema Club
(except for Nick, who was being a die-hard and watching the 49ers game in the football tent)
so i stood there as Joy and JP and a guitar literally brought me to tears.
so good, y'all. so good.

 and then there were the Avett Brothers

 Seth Avett's view of the crowd was not bad.
not bad at all.
then we found this wall in Austin
on our way to Hopdoddy's burgers.
side note: i have a huge thing for lamb burgers these days.
and i'm way okay with it.

ACL was phenomenal.
i saw Florence and the Machine (love me a redhead)
the Black Keys (top 5 fave band of all time)
Metric (that girl's legs...omg.)
the Shins (SO good. and i knew every word.)
Jack White (and his all-girl band that kicked ass.)
Gary Clark Jr. (hometown Austin boy that jams. for serious.)
the Civil Wars
and the Avett Bros

my heart almost couldn't take it.
and my body DEFinitely couldn't.
yesterday i was majorly under some weather.
made working last night super fun, let me tell you.
so immediately after i post this, i've got a threesome planned
with my bed and some Ambien.

we'll get back to the heavy stuff later this week
you guys have got me thinking...even more than i already was.
and it's GOOD! so good. i love you for it.
give me time to process and recover and we'll have some deep chats, eh?


  1. The Civil Wars or Two Door Cinema Club - I wouldn't have been able to choose lol.

    I have heard of the Avett Brothers but not heard their music - I don't think they are really well known over here.

  2. Oh I'm so jealous! I would kill to see all of those bands at one festival. Sounds like a really great weekend!

  3. Like is it super bad that i identified with the pharmaceutical portion of this post? If I could get some adderall right now, shit would be awesome because like...I can't work. I have no energy.

  4. oh honey, i SO feel you- we went to oktoberfest this weekend (up in the mountains) and it took everything out of me... yesterday was my threesome date: me, couch, and daria... it. was. phenomenal.

    so i know your day of rest will be equally awesome...

    and, just so we are clear, i would have been in the football tent, too (;

  5. Sounds like a heck of a weekend! That line up sounds too goooood! We stopped by Hopdoddy's as well the other weekend, and I concur, the Lamb burger is yummy!

  6. Yet another reason I miss Texas...
    I heart Florence and the Machine.

  7. I saw that the festival was showing on Youtube!! I saw it for a few minutes. I saw the band 'Freelance Whales'. I've never heard of them before watching them, but I liked them. I missed 'The Civil Wars' though! I told myself to watch them when they came on, but forgot. But it's so awesome that you were there!! Austin seems like such a cool city.

  8. umm soo my blog lovin' ("stalking") just collided with real life. I've loved your blog for a while, and what are the odds you work with a girl I went to high school with (Kristin C)?!! Our sister's are good friends. Ahh, such a small, small world! Looks like ya'll had a blast!

  9. How fun and what cute pics too! glad you had a great time. ;)

  10. in LOVE with The Civil Wars. I could listen to them all day long. Mmmm so good.


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