posted on: Friday, October 19, 2012

Laundry Room by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark
a little music for you to read by.
isn't it amazing how music works?
you can be transported back to a concert experience you once had
just by hearing that song again
in the comfort of your own home.
it's magic.

i've been missing in action this week
to state the obvious.
i finished my last night shift yesterday morning
and between working nights
and being sick with a nasty cold
i'm in survival mode here.

the cold is still kicking my ass
but nothing rejuvenates me quite as much
as knowing i'll get to sleep at night like a normal person for a while.

last night i slept like a baby, thank you Ambien
and woke up feeling inspired to do a bunch of domestic ish
 i cleaned the house
did laundry
washed the sheets
cleaned the litter box
used vinegar to get all the hard water gunk off the faucets
basically living out the most glamorous life imaginable.

but i also did some contemplating.
some blog reading
some coffee drinking
some toasted pumpkin bread with cream cheese eating.

i had planned another "on women having it all" post
a conclusion of sorts
and am still planning on it
i haven't sorted through all my thoughts yet
but i will share this one with you...

i treasure my domestic-goddess days.
like today...i am blissfully content folding socks and making the bed
i think i'd come to loathe these days if they were all i had
just like i'd hate going to work all the time if that were all i had.
it's the concept of balance.

i know i'm not really breaking any new ground with that statement.
everybody knows you need balance in life
between everything else
it all needs to hang in elegant balance.

i know you all have crazy schedules too
probably not exactly like mine
but not all that different.
if none of you could relate, you wouldn't be reading, right?
so maybe you're in the same boat.
loving and hating where you are all at once.

gosh this post is all over the place.

might as well quit while i'm behind and go shopping.



  1. bahaha oh i love this post... i totally hate/love where i'm at right now.. i'm almost sure it's a woman thing (;

    oh, and yesterday, when i was feeling particularly awful with hating certain aspects, i told myself to stop it and hiked over (well, drove.. it's really too far for a hike) to target. where i then spent 100 bucks.

    but i justified it because i have an awesome indiana jones inspired hat.

    it really is the little things (;

  2. i'm the same. i don't mind a little housework, makes me feel accomplished, but definitely would not want to do it full time. i like my job (in general). ;)

  3. Loving the song.
    It's good to have balance in your life though. I'm going through some 'balance' issues right now. It's funny sometimes when doing what you want in life, can be a hard decision.
    Although I tried to read the blog post before this one, and it wouldn't let me. It went to 'We're sorry, that cannot be read' statement. I don't know if it was me or the computer. But I can read this post, so I guess the problem was fixed!

  4. I really enjoy your phrase "loving and hating where you are all at once"

  5. Hope you get better from your cold and love random posts, they make the best for honesty. ;) Hang in there - things will get better!

  6. Haha, thanks for the Monday giggle Em :) You always manage to make me smile!
    Such a cute post and through it all - I learnt a lot! Most importantly, that I love and thrive on domestication!
    And sleep!

  7. I have just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your writing. You write with honesty and enthusiasm and I LOVE it! I can relate to what you write. In my own, completely worlds apart way.
    I look forward to following your blog and reading your posts.

  8. Newest follower! Love your blog! I totally agree with you on the balance thing. It is a hard thing to accomplish, but we have to try our best. :-)



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