halloween and other stuff

posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

this is my halloween costume.
i'm going as an exhausted emergency medicine resident.
super original.

i just got off the phone with my husband.
it was the first time i've talked to him in three days
and we needed to discuss who was going to pay rent and buy milk.

my next day "off" is saturday.
and i'm on call, so if anybody calls in sick, i'm going in.
right after i smother the "sick" person with a pillow.
jk. first do no harm, remember?

work has been a little brutal.
crazy busy.
sick patients.
shaken babies and shattered pelvises.
i might've cried once.

 i'm feeling pretty depressed about the holidays too.
usually i'm all about them.
LOVE the decorating, the christmas cards, the meals, the weather
the time spent with family.
but i got my schedule for the next couple of months
and it's bad, y'all.
real bad.
as it stands right now, it looks like i'm working Thanksgiving,
and Christmas
and New Year's
and my birthday.

then there's the loneliness that comes from working weird hours.
no one to talk to or interact with.
not seeing my husband for days at a time.
carrie bradshaw has been my closest friend.
and she gives me major closet envy.

so all that to say, i had big plans for editing photos
and sharing them with you all this week.
obviously that hasn't happened.
i'm feeling a little frazzled and strung out.
not too mention sad and lonely and depressed.
so thanks for your patience and support.

and here's to keeping it real?


  1. Just get some GIANT pictures of Vienna (and Venice? is that where else you're going?) and post them everywhere. On your closet door, your bathroom window, your steering wheel, your locker at work...
    You gotta have something to cling to when life piles on you!!
    Hang in there- and see, now you're picturing a kitten on a branch.
    Momentary smile- done.


  2. Ugh that SUCKS!!! It would be awful to have to work all those holidays. Is it anything like Grey's Anatomy (meaning it isn't boring)? Hopefully in a non-tragic kind of way.

    Since misery loves company, I will tell you that I am spending Christmas in Virginia with my in-laws who don't really talk to me and my MIL does this weird thing where she competes with me about everything and talks about working at a community college library like it is the most important work in the world. Like I said, misery loves company.

    If you get lonely, I'm an excellent e-mailer. :) Although I do tend to abuse the smiley-faces.

  3. Sometimes you just need to get it all off your chest! Hope a few silver linings show up within your crazy schedules! :)

  4. i love you girl. just know that.

  5. wow! that's a lot all at once. but that's how it seems to work, isn't it. my advice is to remember to take some time doing fun things that make you feel good, even if it's just five minutes.

  6. ugh, I hate shitty work schedules (lucky for me, I've got a pretty sweet one right now). I hope you get over your funk soon :)

  7. this is why I think I'll stay a nurse. it's good to vent, at least you can do that here! hang in there! and make plans for your next vacation or something, it helps to have something to look forward to. :)

  8. Hang in there and pray a lot. I hope you can manage to at LEAST get one of those holidays off. That'd be pretty sucky not to.

  9. Throwing some positive karma your way! I'm a hospital social worker and can totally relate to not getting a heck of a lot of time off (though I'm not going to pretend like my hours are anything like a residents!! I feel for you!!) and I'm on-call Christmas Day and working Christmas Eve...and somehow I'm supposed to travel to see my family?? Aie. This was great, though --- a reminder to bring some Christmas treats to my physicians and nurses!!

    And shaken babies get me every. time. There's no way to self-care myself out of that pain, no matter how good at boundaries I try to be. :/

  10. Feel better soon! Or I hope time goes by quickly for you, because another peak will come after this valley.

    I'll be busy scouring the Internet for your super cute glasses. :)

  11. Not getting to talk to anyone can get old quickly... and working on your birthday sucks. :( BUT... Eventually you won't have to work all of those crazy hours, right? You're getting it out of the way now so that, in a couple of years, you can balance your work life with your husband and kids. :) Hope things look up soon, girl.

  12. I am going to shed a few tears over here for you. For real. I don't know how you are doing it, but wish I could bring over a sundae and watch carrie bradshaw with you...at least we could envy her closet together.
    Love and prayers your way. xx

  13. Aww Em... I am already over emotional right now, and this just made me tear up. I really feel for you and the schedule this next couple months. I say just rearrange those holidays and force everyone in your fam to celebrate them on days you're off. :) Really, though, you amaze me. I really respect you for the work you do, and I just know you are amazing at your job. Some years will be harder than others, I imagine, but you got this girl. You're hot, and a doctor, and super smart, and hot. So, smile. And let me know if you need a friend to come drink with you some night off. For reals. hehe :)

    PS - I just got a boob job. I'm not sure why, but I felt like you should know! Ha!


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