posted on: Monday, October 8, 2012

glory be!
we had a day off together!
and we played!

it was a chilly day here in south Texas.
perfect for celebrating fall.
so we found our nearest Oktoberfest
in Fredericksburg, TX
and got our German on.

getting ready for our trip to Salzburg.
i think i look great with braids.


the five-year-old inside of me was cracking up.

sooo many tickets.
and all were gone by the end of the day.

don't be fooled by appearances.
this ish was delicious.

get your hot Wisconsin cheese!

i know.
i know.

i love him.

this child was being accosted by a very phallic cluster of bubbles.

water wheels! yes!

oh funnel cake.
no fair or fest is complete without you.


and here is what my Instagram feed had to say about the day

if you follow me on IG (emflem),
you already knew that.

here's what i'm wearing, in case you're interested:
jacket: Target, sweater: anthro (old), orange shirt: anthro (old),
jeans: Paige, boots: Frye, bag: Urban (old), gloves: Nick's

clearly we had a lovely time.
right up until the moment i got my very first speeding ticket on the way home

happy Monday!


  1. so fun! i cant believe that jacket is from target! adorbs! also i love your hair...whenever i try to do any kind of braid in my hair is i just end up looking like a total creep so im jealous of your skills! haha

  2. it's true, my people's food is very non-colored and looks less than appetizing.

  3. OMG. I just laughed out loud and scared my dog when I saw that bubble.

    I always meant to visit Fredericksburg when we lived in North Louisiana, looks like I missed out!

  4. Nick's face with the tickets is hilarious!! Oh, and you in the hat? Smashing, absolutely smashing :)

  5. you look hot. love your hair. and the phallic cluster of bubbles made me LOL

  6. You two sure know how to make the most out of your days off together!! :)

  7. yikes for the ticket, but yay for the good time!

    we are going up to oktoberfest in the mountains this weekend- and immmmm excited!

  8. YESSSS! Wisconsin cheese (i may or may not be a bit biased about that). the two of you look so incredibly excited... like little kids at christmas haha.

    you two are awesome!

  9. Looks like a good time. We have a Fredericksburg here in VA as well. Gosh Emily, we're so alike I swear! :)
    I've never actually celebrated Oktberfest. Yet. I'm not a huge fan of beer. I guess you have to drink that huh?

  10. Love your outfit and all the great pics! Looks like fun!

  11. All of this makes me yearn for the fall that we are not having in Houston. But what I will remember most about this post is the phallic collection of bubbles. My goodness!


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