another lovely blate

posted on: Friday, November 2, 2012

once upon a time, i went on a blate.
with this gorgeous gem of a lady.
Anna and Em. love at first sight.
for those of you that might be a titch behind the times,
a blate is a blogger-date.
it is a beautiful thing. 
people who once only stalked each other on the internet
becoming friends in real life.
 a little weird if you let yourself think about it too long
but Anna turned out to be even more beautiful and amazing than i had imagined
and not at all the 56-year-old creeper man i feared she'd be.

so last week i happened to be in Atlanta.
my brother's wedding was in Blue Ridge, GA
and i got into town on Thursday, but Nick couldn't fly in until Friday
which left me a day and a half to hang out with my two preggo besties
and Anna
before i had to pick him up from the airport and drive north to Blue Ridge.

i gave Anna pretty short notice that i was coming into town
but she is--fortunately for me--an obliging girl
and dropped everything to meet me for breakfast.
AND she brought her precious lambs with her.

those of you who are moms
know that having breakfast with toddlers ain't easy
but Anna and I had a wonderful time getting to know each other
over quiche and cappucinos
i shared my crust with baby V
she shared her headband with me.

Gabe was a little unsure of me at first
but then i tied his shoe
and we were besties from then on out.

Anna left me a little in awe.
so beautiful
so talented
so effortlessly put together
such a wonderfully loving and patient mama.
i hope i can be like her when i grow up.

until then, here's my outfit post of the quarter.
and what i wore to breakfast with Anna and her toddlers.
clearly i have some experience to gain in child-appropriate clothing.


  1. little heartbreakers! (you girls AND those adorable babes..)

    and hot damn, legs! i love that outfit (:

  2. You are too good to me! We loved every minute (thank goodness for strawberries), and Gabriel talked about all the way home. I told you he had a crush. Its always a blessing to meet someone you feel like you have known for a while. Thank you for bringing a little happiness into our weekend!
    Please come back soon!
    x, anna

  3. You were in my neck of the woods! I'm like an hour outside of Atlanta. Annnnd I love the mountains in Georgia. Also your outfit is great. Who cares if it's child appropriate (or not).

  4. I would be so frightened of going on a blate. I would never find an outfit that was 'meeting another blogger'-worthy enough.

  5. So jealous of this blate!! Had fine peeking in on it via your pics. :)

  6. so fun. i don't know if i've ever had a really really official blate. like without someone who knew someone who knows the person. did that make sense? i'm still drinking my coffee...

    also, your skirt is hot. and anna's kids are adorable.

  7. That sounds like to was a fun blate! :) I always find it so cool when bloggers meet up and become real-life friends. I really need to get on the 'blog' train!
    But I'm totally jealous that you get to wear an outfit like that, when it's becoming chilly where I am! Love the boots. I only have one pair of boots, and whenever I see people wearing boots, I always want to take mine out of my closet and actually wear them!
    I've seen Anna's blog before, and she seems like a nice person. Her kids are very cute.

  8. no comment. because im jealous.

  9. I love your outfit none the less! Looks like you had a great time with Anna!


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