J+M Wedding

posted on: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

as i alluded to before, these kids got married.


they wanted an intimate wedding in the Blue Ridge mountains
with all their family and friends pitching in to make it happen
and that's exactly what they got
it was a DIY extravaganza
and Mel nailed every single detail and made it all so THEM.

ball jars and "redneck wine glasses"
to be filled with their signature cocktails:
a moonshine drank and a pecan-infused bourbon drank
or Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale from one of the kegs
they know how to throw a party, these two.

burlap and lace on the tables

Mel's dad cut all of these coasters
and my sisters branded the "drink and be married" on them
they handed them out as favors
i grabbed a few extras
(which was handy, because as it turns out, Waylon LOVES to eat wood.)

 Mel made this "Love is a Journey" board
with postcards and pictures from all their travels together
they're planning to hike/backpack through South America in January
for their honeymoon
those crazy kids.

Joe kept telling Nick, "we got one back!"
because they lost me as a Kreidel when i got married and changed my name
now i've been replaced. (:

200 yards from the North Carolina border made for a breathtaking backdrop

Nick the bartender, serving it up.
i wrote the bar menu on the window behind him  
everybody pitched in. it was perfect.

two of the three most important men in my life:
my baby brother and my dad

shots of bourbon right before the ceremony
Nick knows how to put a man at ease.

waiting for his bride

they're laughing here,
but moments afterward, my dad proceeded to bring everyone to tears
with his words about Mel waiting for Joe
during the year he served in Afghanistan
there are no pictures...because i was bawling.
and so was my dad. and mom. and Joe. and Mel. and everyone else.
it was incredible.
and Mel is incredible...for waiting for him.
and believing in their love.

here's a couple photos i stole off Facebook, taken by my uncle...

bird's eye view of the boys setting up the buffet table

my baby sister and my new sister

then things got a little weird...

Cherokee Nation.
two of Joe's USAFA peeps, keeping it real


official Kreidel family photo.
chances are, this will find itself on a Christmas card.
mark my words.

you know these kids.

i can't say enough about how much this wedding meant to me
it was incredible seeing how much of themselves
Joe and Mel poured into this thing.
and my MOM. good God, my mom.
she catered the entire thing, with help from my teenage cousins, her sous chefs
 the food was incredible:
pulled pork with sauces crafted by my brother...
Barbeque au Jous, chimichurri, cranberry horseradish
beef tenderloin
winter squash gratin
roasted veggies
loaded smashed potatoes
plus local breads and compound butters and PUMPKIN GOAT CHEESE
i ate so much.

thanks to Joe and Mel for agreeing to let me share these with y'all.
hope you get a glimpse of how my family does weddings.
to the hilt, that's how.
there may or may not have been keg stands.

all photos © Emily Fleming 2012
please do not use or reproduce without permission


  1. Gorgeous! Exactly what a Blue Ridge wedding should be!
    I'd like to give a little shout-out to Sweetwater- it's not my fave, but hearing it gives me a happy "ping" of Home, so thanks!
    Those coasters are fantastic- and Waylon's not alone. Max made short work of some wooden coasters we used to have as well. So far he's ignored the cork ones...
    Nick's hand placement in the family photo cracks me up- it's like he almost put it on your butt but then realized it's a family photo- i.e., EXACTLY what Paul would have done.

    It made me a little sad to read your photo disclaimer and be reminded of that super sucky situation. Hopefully never again.

  2. So totally random, but I went to high school with your new sister in law!

    What a small world :)

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family!

  3. I just cried at work. I hope you're happy.

  4. Tears streaming down my face at work? Check. Thanks for that! But seriously, this is the most beautiful and loving wedding I have ever seen. It surely beats mine and I NEVER admit defeat. :) You're so fortunate to have such a wonderful family!!

  5. wow- these photos are almost as incredible as the wedding! i love how intimate and personal it is...

    and great xmas card! (;

  6. I love weddings like that are diy, and homemade. Love it. Your brother and wife make a nice couple(so do you and your man!) Glad it was a great wedding!

  7. This wedding is PERFECT. It's like your bro and his wife climbed into my brain and replicated my dream wedding. Sweet photo of you and your hub too.

  8. now THAT is a wedding. pulled pork! awesome drinks! the pallet showing off pictures. i love all of it. awesome wedding.

  9. awesome!! There may have been a couple keg stands at my wedding too! ha! But it was really late and after everyone but the closest friends and family had left. :)

  10. I'm looking at this all over again because it is so incredible. you all did an amazing job!!! I love how your whole fam was involved and how many details there are. It is breathtaking! Haha love the keg stands. Congrats to your brother and his bride and your whole fam!


  11. WOW what a great venue...and great wedding to be part of. Love that the look is very casual. and I love seeing intimate wedding ceremonies when guests are in a circle or half circle. *droool* over the details too...gosh you have such creative friends!! ;-)

  12. I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I'm SO glad I'm catching up! This post was beautiful Emily!You can see all the love and happiness from your brother and his new wife.

    Such a sweet post.

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  14. The experience was awesome. My cousin picked this dress for her bridesmaids and I love it. It's a snug fit but it doesn't make me feel squeezed or anything like that.
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