ladies, frost yourselves

posted on: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

here's a little snippet of our family Xmas card photo shoot

you're welcome.

oh you guys. it's been a hell of a week already.
to top it all off, i discovered today that this job,
which already sucks my time and my energy away,
has now laid claim to my youth and beauty as well.
i found. a gray. hair.
at first i thought it was just the light
but upon closer inspection, no such luck.

i'm doomed.
just bury me now.

i have so many emails to return to you guys.
you always give me props for being so honest.
this is not a trait of mine that has always been appreciated.
so thank you. (:

and i would LOVE to have you all over to my house tonight
because i'm throwing a party (!)
to help bolster my spirits about my craptastic holiday schedule.
it's a Stella & Dot jewelry party
with wine. and probably hot pink sequins. i won't lie.
and all of YOU can participate in spirit.
here's a link to my very own trunk show.
so go on...frost yourselves.
oooo gimme


  1. Hahaha... the title of this post made me chuckle... I read it in Matthew McConaughey's voice (pretty sure I spelled his last name wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up.)

    So, a few things:

    A) That card it sooooo freaking cute.

    B) I have had gray hairs since I was 16. I now dye my hair every six weeks because they are taking over my head. My Grandma had a full head of white hair by around 30, and I am heading that direction fast. Feel sad for me.

    C) I totally forgot to reply to your note on FB about the S&D party! I am such an asshole! Sorry about that. I wish I could go! Sounds mahvelous.

    D) Don't you forgot about our Austin date in December. I'm going to hold you to that shiz.


  2. You are so adorable. Loving the xmas card pic!

    My husband has been getting gray hairs for like 5 years now- also in medicine. I blame it on the career ;)

    xx Lynzy

  3. I'm gonna sound like Jenni. I've had a stubborn grey spot (in the front of my head, no less) since I was 17. My grandma was full grey by 22, and my mom seems to have only given me the crappy genes from her side of the family (looking at you, big pores). So yeah. Paul's been having more and more sneak in, though, which is NOT like any males in either side of his family (although his mom greyed really early. I don't know all the genetic lines of grey hair) so he blames each one on Sloan. Probably accurate, too.
    Baby-bundle Waylon? Love it!

  4. can i just tell you i giggled out loud when i read "frost yourselves".. i LOVE that movie.. too much, maybe...

    and what a gorgeous xmas card! you did well, lady.

    now go have some fun! hurray for crappy work schedules around holidays! (PSYCH)

  5. I just gotta say it... What a freaking gorgeous family photo!! When we try & get photos with our dog she sees the camera and her face instantly turns to fear & the whole thing just looks awkward, haha.

  6. Love your Christmas photo! Very cute.
    And a gray's probably just stress. And if not, most people don't even notice gray hair other than the person who HAS the gray hair. Although it kind of stinks of people like us, who have darker hair, because it's more noticeable. Maybe you should go blonde for the new year? :) Kidding.

  7. Such a cute card!!
    And girl friend, I've been finding gray hairs (read: WHITE) since I was 20. shoot me. it's the stress. I still find them ALMOST every day. I quickly rip em out and pretend they were never there. (Screw that old wive's tale about 3 more growing in if you pluck em!)

  8. LOVING the card - you are all too cute!!

  9. LOVING the Christmas card lady! That lace dress is so cute!

    And I am SO late with this comment, but I totally would've crashed your S&D party.


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