much ado about nothing

posted on: Tuesday, November 6, 2012


these are some images from a morning spent
capturing memories from Nick's Nonni's house.
they have about as much to do with this post
as any of the following things have to do with each other.

i took my Air Force PT test this morning.
lessons learned: it takes a loooong time to recover from a respiratory virus.
my lungs felt like they were going to explode.
even though i allegedly got over my illness two weeks ago. gross.
added a solid 45 seconds to my run time,
so now i have to retake the PT test in 6 months
instead of a year from now like i was hoping.
(i passed easily with an 89.2. but if you get >90, you only have to take your PT test once a year.)

yesterday, on my day off, i decided i needed some pampering.
so i went to get a haircut, and threw in a pedicure while i was at it.
the dude decided to give me the scalp massage AFTER he had washed my hair (yes)
but he also opted to go ahead and drip massage oil on my head even though it was already clean (no).
when my haircut was over, my hair was so greasy it looked like i hadn't showered in 2.5 weeks.
not ideal.

and then i remembered why i never get pedicures...
because they judge me for my callous-y heels
and don't do as good of a job painting my toenails as i would.

i realize that other people have much bigger problems
than greasy post-haircut hair and poorly-pedicured feet.
but this is my little corner of the internet
and i'll whine if i want to.
i'm fully aware that i'm whiny. i accept that. and i'm trying to work through it.

but today i voted!
did you know that the state of Texas elects a Railroad Commissioner?
i did not.
this was my first time voting in this state.
but we do.
so i picked the girl.
because Railroad Commissioner seems like a pretty badass job for a chick to have.

i have voted in the past 3 elections (before that, i wasn't old enough. duh.)
and, incidentally, i have voted in 3 different states:
Florida, Illinois, and now Texas.
how bout them apples?

happy Election Day!
i'm going to work.
keep me posted on all the big developments.
may the most popular candidate win!

(i kid. God bless democracy.)


  1. Happy election day... LOL

    I don't blame you for being unhappy with your haircut and pedicure. Personally I never like to get pedicures... because I'm insanely ticklish and squirm when they try to buff my feet. And here I don't know the language well enough to understand what they say when this amuses the nail techs who then talk about it with themselves. That makes me self conscious.

    I was going to post on your last entry, but then the internetz gobbled my comment. So I had to fix teh internetz and eventually decided to heck with my comment, many others had commented anyway... But then I saw this entry, so I guess I'll comment here? About your last one? Don't be afraid to feel things, even awful things. Take care of yourself. But even those feelings you have, hard as they are at work, are a gift in a way... you lose those feelings, empathy for others-- it becomes easy to rationalize things and make bad decisions. Not that emotional decisions are better, but ethics needs empathy.

    tl;dr: Being Human: You're Doing It Right. And I think it makes you better doctor too.

  2. The Texas Railroad Commision is actually the agency that regulates everything Oil & Gas now including where we can drill wells, put pipelines, spacing requirements, etc. It's funny how a job as Railroad Commisioner has nothing really to do with railroads. It is still a pretty badass job for a chick to have :)

  3. Boo for respiratory infections. Yay for still kicking my hypothetical ass in a PT test, though!
    I have the same issues with pedicures... I have super callous-y heels. It's why I prefer salons who have a different first language than me- I don't have to know what they're saying about my feet!

  4. Yeah, I don't like pedicures. They always seem like a relaxing idea, but they are always uncomfortable to me and then I regret having to spend money on something I could have easily done at home.

  5. ugh. i had bronchitis two years ago and couldn't walk fast without hacking up a lung. HATE what it does to your respiratory system. good job on your test though!


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