posted on: Monday, November 12, 2012

a few of you gave me the advice that i should plan a trip
to cope with my holiday blues this year.

i'm way ahead of you, friends.
we Flemings are busting out all the cold weather clothing
we accumulated while living in Chicago
and going to Europe.
tickets are booked! and so are hotels!
so this is Salzburg.
the only vacation time we could get was the first week of January
which happens to fall right between our birthdays
happy birthday to us!
we're staying at Hotel Stein
which has an epic rooftop that overlooks the fortress

then we're taking the train through the Alps
and hitting Innsbruck for a night
borrowed from Liz
and staying at Hotel Central
this is probably the WRONG thing to be focused on when planning a euro trip
but our hotel has the most phenom chandelier in the cafe
i'm pretty excited about it.

one night in Innsbruck (which probably won't be enough, but whatever),
and we're off to Venice
and this will be where we live for the next four nights
i want that headboard for my very own

plus, regardless of your opinion of them, Nick and I are huge fans of hottubs.
and this hotel has one.

i can't wait to cozy up next to my lover as we freeze our butts off
strolling down these treacherously frozen, narrow streets

no seriously. i can't wait.
plus i'm picturing all the delicious Austrian beer we'll drink
and all the cappuccinos we'll consume while ducking into cafes in Italy
and the pasta. my God, the pasta.

a wise friend once told me of how she visited Italy first
before heading to another European country (that shall remain nameless)
and how the food there was just such a letdown after Italian food.
i have learned from her experience, and will not be making the same mistake.

this will be my first trip back to Italy since our wedding
and to say that i'm excited is the understatement of the year.

on a personal note (as if they weren't ALL personal notes on this-here blog),
i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your uplifting and encouraging comments
on my last few posts.
you have no idea how much the exhortations of strangers made my day
and made my world seem a little more cozy and friendly.
i'm working my way through my inbox responding to each and every one of you
so if you haven't received a reply yet, it's coming.
i have a special place in my heart for all of you, and for the support that you've given me.
thank you. from my deepest depths. 


  1. Any interest in taking a stranger with you on your European getaway? I'll hunker down in your suitcase and be on my best behavior! Haha. But seriously, so jealous, especially of the Italy part. Y'all deserve this great trip!!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  2. I'm so jealous!! We've not been to Austria yet... sigh.

    I will tell you, though, if you've not been to Venice, we were warned before going there (by a good friend of mine who is from Florence) that the food in Venice is sub-par for Italy. We found it... fine... but not at all what we'd expected from ITALY, so I was appreciative of her heads-up. Otherwise, enjoy!! I still can't get over just how quiet Venice was (we went in November, so not tourist season)- the lack of cars made it feel like an empty movie set in the evenings. I can't imagine with the quiet of snow on top of that!!

  3. YES!!! This is awesome! There's really nothing else to say but that. :) I'm so excited!! (and I'm not even going)

  4. oh yay! you guys deserve this! we are trying to get to europe next year (namely, italy) but i am so terrified of even trying to start planning that trip... how does one do that? did you scour for deals? ask yo friends? just up and pick a place to stay? aye yi yi.. see my anxiety already?

    anyway, i cannot wait to see some pretty snowy pictures (:

  5. YAY! YAY! YAY!
    This is such exciting news for you and the hubs Em. And I am so happy for you both! A romantic getaway is exactly what you both need, it's going to be WONDERFUL!! I am so jealous!

  6. Ahh I am so jealous! This trip looks like it'll be pretty magical!

  7. congrats on the Eurotrip! i was in Munich 3 years ago in the winter time and celebrated my actual birthday in Salzburg - December 28 :) i indulged in the most delicious cappuccino and "apfelstrudel" in my life (it was in a cafe near mozart's house..can't remember the name) --one of my best birthdays ever!!
    i can't wait to read about your travels!!!

  8. I'm so jealous! I cannot wait to see your pictures. Have an amazing time!!!

  9. That sounds incredible!! I'm so jealous!

  10. Salzburg is one of the most amazing places I've ever been to. It was just mesmerizing. And I wish I could go to Italy!

  11. That sounds like such an awesome trip! That's a great idea to get away for awhile, and it sounds so exciting!!! And such a great way to bring in the new year! :)

  12. So jealous and excited for you. All your hotels look amazing. I went to Italy a month ago and am still craving the pasta and cappuccinos (we've started making our own at home now). Gosh, you are going to have the best time! I'd love to go to Europe in the winter. It will be magical.

  13. g face and i went to innsbruck! such a cool/beautiful place.

  14. So fun!! You guys will have the best time! We will be kickin' it in London the same week, I can not tell you how excited I am to bust out the coats and scarves, as well!


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