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posted on: Thursday, December 13, 2012

i am pretty much the worst blogger ever.
i go for weeks (okay...A week.) at a time without posting
i didn't post a holiday gift guide
all my pictures are ones that could be easily found on instagram.

God bless you all for bearing with me.

this weekend, i'm going to Cali
for one of my favorite fellow bloggers' bridal shower
and to seal the deal and make us officially bff's that have met in person
i'm excited.
and you should be too.
i'm sure there will be gads of photo ops
which will save you from my insta-repeats

until then...
this is what i've been up to:

decorating the house...and finally getting that gallery wall up

taking care of this guy's pain. holy buckets, poor dude.
in case you forgot, don't drink and drive, my friends.

finding this delightful prop and sending this gem to my huz.
because i'm an amazing wife like that.

wore this sweatshirt at work. because it's freezing in hospitals at night.
then i wore it again, two other days. because it was good luck.
(that red fleece in the photo above? not good luck. people died when i wore that fleece.
i'm sure it was the fleece...)

bonus: people kept asking me if I was also a lawyer. i said yes. i practice malpractice law.

i saw my husband one night.
it's dark, but proof nonetheless.

found this gem in REI. saves you on tampons? while camping?
i don't even know what to say.

decorated the Christmas tree with these...

i think she's a lovely tree.
and Christmas trees make me happy.

i complained that i was cold. so Nick buried me with laundry, fresh from the dryer.
he's so thoughtful.

and last but not least,
many many more grey hairs were found.
it's like all the melanin in my hair just decided to disappear. all at once.
so i waged war on those suckers. plucked the ones i could find.
and annihilated all the others with a box of hair dye.
i fear i will not age very gracefully, as this has been my attitude thus far.
"deny! cover it up! pluck it out! it was never there!"

i used to dye my hair for fun.
now it's out of necessity. which is infinitely less fun.
oh well. i'll be 29 in a couple weeks. it's all downhill from here.

and brace yourselves: i'll be obnoxiously blowing up your instagram feed this weekend
with photos of california, and me wearing normal clothes.
you've been warned.


  1. Soo, not to be gross or creepy but I have the diva cup. And it's not bad.

    I'll spare you the rest of the TMI but it's kinda awesome.

  2. You're not a bad blogger! There's no rule where you have to post every week. It's your blog, and you can post as often as you want!
    I really like how you put those pictures on your wall. Love the way it flows.
    It's hard to tell what that's a picture of, with the guy who was in pain. But it doesn't look good. Just another reminder of being safe, and of the great work you guys do.

  3. Holy ish, that picture of the drunk driver's innards. *chills*

    But I totally agree with the Emory Law sweatshirt, mostly because my dad went there for law school :)

    And you're NOT a bad blogger; you're like the best ever. Because you go a week but then you throw out awesome posts like this one! xo

  4. haha omg so many of these photos and your captions made me chuckle! you're the best! and i am so jealous you guys are all going to be seeing each other at megs shower! cant wait for the WEDDING! you guys are coming aren't ya? x

  5. My favorite part about the Diva cup... Not having to worry about when it's time to change tampons. You deal with it twice a day and forget about it. That's all I'll say :)

  6. so...i thought the diva cup was the PEE cup- have you seen that? basically, it allows us ladies to pee STANDING UP! revolutionary! now... let's go camping!

    and yes dude, the red fleece. killer. #punintended

    and YOUCH! thats a TON of broken ribs... mnvbseh bklsghzk is how i feel about that. and your gray hairs, too

    BRING on the CA pics! i just hope this rain goes away for you (;

  7. Sure, you don't post all that much. But it kinda makes me more excited when you do post. Can't wait to see all your instagram pictures this weekend- I'll have to follow you on instagram.

    It's rainy in CA right now, hopefully it goes away soon!

  8. Have fun in CA!!! I'm excited to see the pictures and live vicariously through you. I'm only a little (or A LOT) jealous. :)

  9. So excited for you guys... and excited to see pics! Have fun!

  10. Saw your IG photo of the gallery looks so good!

    What in the hay happened to that drunk guy???

  11. Holy shiz, for a second I thought the one of the ribs was an actual picture of the guy. You know, of his outsides. I was like, um, you're still trying to save him??

    And Waylon is ADORABLE. I love his ears at the top of the stairs, and his blur when he's about to jump on you and the laundry. Also I love cuddling with warm clean laundry. :)

  12. Well, the most important part of being a good blogger is celebrating the special moments in life with blogging friends in person. We shall forgive you for the overload of instagrams.

  13. Don't tell my husband I'm telling you this... but he's on his way to being full grey and soon. It's beyond my plucking repair. He asks how many he has and I deny all. That's love right? And that should make you feel better, no??!

  14. LOVE your gallery wall Em, and hope you had a FABULOUS time at Megan's shower - so jealous of you girls!!

  15. haha - i also started finding greys and have the exact same attitude. pluck 'em! Then it's all, greys? What greys?

  16. Sounds like everything that my life has been the last couple of months. Minus the ribs.

    How much longer are you at Brack for? I completely forgot you'd be up here this month until I saw your shining face on Jenni's Instagram! Gah! That's what I get for talking to you about this in May.

    Anyway, if you're in town for a bit longer and are up for a blate, let me know :)

    Secondhand Magpie

  17. I know this is an older post, but I had to weigh in on the diva cup...
    don't knock it 'til you've tried it...
    it's pretty awesome!
    I'll refrain from saying more...
    but seriously.


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