the long nights are over

posted on: Friday, December 7, 2012

i don't know that i will ever fully be able to describe to you my experiences in the Trauma ICU
i'd have to use words like, "terrifying" "stressful" "dizzying"
every time i turned around i was putting out a fire
trying to stop someone from dying
i wasn't always successful...some injuries are just too devastating.
and sometimes, even when you literally break every single bone on the left side of your body, you manage to stay alive.

i got an incredible and humbling reminder of why i do what i do...WHERE i do it.
a CCATT (critical care air transport team) team dropped off a medevac in our ICU
the guy had lost his leg in an IED blast in Afghanistan 6 days ago.
he was the nicest patient i had the honor of taking care of
and just in case you forgot that our country is at war...i know i do sometimes
here's a reminder.

now i'm sitting here with my coffee and my pup, bundled up on my couch,
enjoying the Christmas decorations in our little house,
reminiscing about last night's date with my husband
we put a moratorium on iPhones, so i don't have any pictures
but it was perfect.
reunited after 5 days of opposite schedules and not seeing each other.

now that i've survived TICU nights, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted
and i can finally start to get my holiday on
today and tomorrow are all about Christmas...
cards, gifts, shopping
and i can't think of anything better to do with my days off

and i'll leave you with another
not-making-the-xmas-card-because-his-hand-is-on-my-ass shot


  1. every christmas card needs a little sassy ass shot ;)

  2. i kinda like the ass shot though.

    also i was at columbia med yesterday and thought of you. weird, right?

  3. I'm dying over this booty grab, ha!! Enjoy your days off!

  4. I'm really touched about what you said about the man that got injured in Afghanistan. I recently lost a loved one in a similar situation.

  5. Yes- love the ass grab. My favorite picture from my wedding is an ass grab shot- probably because I have the goofiest smile. Enjoy your holiday time!

  6. thank you for doing what you do...

  7. You do so much in your job Emily, I'm really grateful to people like you for doing jobs like that. Hearing only a little of what you go through is tough, and I'm sure there's a lot more you never say on the blog. You of all people deserve a good Christmas :)
    Glad you and your husband had time to be together, and that last shot is cute.

  8. Congrats on being done Em! It is so tough sometimes but it always helps me at the end of the day to think about how much GOOD I did and how many lives I DID save. You cannot save everyone, but as long as you can reach one person a day- that is more than NONE. Enjoy your days off and get into the holiday spirit <3

    xx L

  9. LOVE the ass shot - very "cheeky"!!
    I would definitely use it - imagine it on granny's mantle...

  10. LOVE that dress on you!

    You have such a big heart for your patients and it's so awesome to see! It's nice to see when someone puts their heart into their work, and you definitely do that.


    Hooray for being off that schedule and getting to enjoy your man and Christmas time!

  12. I just laughed outloud again, this time at Caley-Jade's comment. Very cheeky. Haa.

  13. thank you for doing what you do. you are one brave chica.

    also, that is the cutest photo ever. i hope you get it framed for your house. i think it'll look perfect on the mantle :)

  14. I can't even imagine having your job and dealing with all of that pain on a daily basis. Glad there are a few patients who come in and can uplift your spirits.


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