posted on: Monday, January 21, 2013

our last morning in Salzburg was the first time we could see the mountains.
it had been so foggy the other days we were there
i feel like if that were my view for my morning commute,
i could probably get through just about any work day.
Innsbruck was an add-on to our trip.
originally, in the early planning stages, we were only set on Salzburg and Venice
and to take a train through the mountains between the two cities
when we learned that all the trains stopped in Innsbruck,
we figured we would too.
excellent choice.

an Einspänner.
espresso topped with whipped cream.
well done, Austria.
i approve. 

sometimes there's a chandelier in the middle of the street
or the most delightful woman surrounded by wheels of cheese.
we bought some.
one of the most breathtaking sunsets mine eyes have ever seen.

we stayed at Hotel Central
connected to Cafe Central. which has been around since 1884.
but the beer was from elsewhere.

Innsbruck was a quick trip.
just under 24 hours.
but i'm so glad we stopped in this city surrounded by snow-covered mountains
full of cobblestoned streets and pretty pastel buildings


meanwhile, back in Texas, life has been busy.
surprise surprise.
Nick has been on call every day but one since we got home
(which means he works all day, and answers the pager all night.
some nights he has to go in to the hospital to take care of patients.
which sucks. because he still has to work the following day.)
i had a couple days off last week
and was SUPPOSED to get to fly in a jet
like, me and the pilot. wearing a flight suit and crazy gear.
i won the flight. as an award for being a good resident.
(bonus of training in a military residency)
but then we fell of the damn fiscal cliff
and the squadron i was supposed to fly with was suddenly forbidden to take me
i guess spending thousands of dollars on jet fuel
--just to take me for a joy ride--
 seemed a little fiscally irresponsible.

so i have to wait. more on that later, i hope.
it's a long story.

in the meantime, i'm working about a million days in a row
to make up for the vacation i took.
and the post-vacay blues are hitting extra hard.
these pictures help.
gah. i can't believe i was there.

and ps. thank you for all of you who checked out The Lone Bellow!
i love it when people love the things i share (:


  1. Oh man, I need to get to europe asap. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot. Not too sure how I'd pay for the trip though...

  2. fun fact - I saw a blurb on the Lone Bellow in Entertainment Weekly the same day I read your post mentioning them. I took that as a sign I really need to look into this group.


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