it's a wonderful life

posted on: Friday, January 4, 2013

yesterday was such a surreal day
as predicted, nothing too spectacular happened
i did a lot of laundry
some chores
and answered my phone which was blowing. up.
i got calls and texts and insta-love and fb-love and twitter-love
it really was an "Emily Fleming, this is your life" moment
and reminded me again just how truly wonderful life is. especially mine.

johanna made a photo montage

more like a tribute to the many hair colors of Em and Jo
note: top right photo, Halloween 2006. 
she's Lara Croft Tomb Raider. i was a sexy cop.
this was my first and only slutty halloween costume.
there were fishnets involved.

Rachel really dug through the archives
and busted out this gem from Homecoming...sophomore year i think
hot pink hoops and chokers. they're making a comeback.
p.s. i still have that dress.

jessica lorren always knows how to make me look good.
God bless her for that.

i was truly overwhelmed with love.
and reminded of just how precious a gift this one life i have to live is.
i am so thankful that i get to walk through it
surrounded by beautiful people who lift me up
every step of the way.

so thank you, everyone, for making my birthday so special.
you were my fireworks.



  1. soooooo i missed that and i'm SO sorry. #isuck. but happy belated birthday, emily! i am so thankful for you in this here blogosphere!

  2. Well I think you deserve all the love. Bask in your birthday bliss while you can!

  3. i know i made it the most special by asking you if i was dieing. I am SUCH a good friend.

  4. Hope you had the happiest birthday sweet girl.

  5. Happy Belated birthday :) and belated Happy New Year!

  6. so glad i didn't miss your birthday.

  7. so glad i didn't miss your birthday.

  8. ahh I missed it! :(
    Well hope you had an entire weekend of celebrating. I give birthdays a whole week you know.
    Thank you for breaking in 29 for me. I will face that number later this year. You make it look smokin!
    And hot pink hoops? Been there with pride.
    Much love to you beautiful girl!


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