posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2013

here's a little story, in which i brag shamelessly about my husband.
brace yourselves.

my birthday was january 3rd.
i was driving back from Austin, since i had just finished my rotation up there.
nick and i had nebulous plans, since he was on call.
hopefully we'll cook dinner and celebrate a little...if i don't get called in.
on the night before my birthday, 
nick got called in to the hospital 3 different times.
he was exhausted. i knew that.
but it didn't stop me from getting a little hurt when he didn't call me
and wish me happy birthday.

nick sounded more and more frazzled with each text i got throughout the day.
when a friend offered to go to dinner with me,
i knew it would be a way to let nick off the hook to get some sleep.
so dinner plans were made.

nick rushed home and surprised me with flowers...tulips...
right before i walked out the door to dinner
he promised i'll make this up to you
i told him not to worry.
i wasn't mad anymore. 
how could i be? we were leaving for europe in 48 hours.
but i didn't really think about it again.

cut to our trip.
we're at Harry's Bar in Venice
and over a bellini, nick says to me i've been waiting for you to find something...
to go into a store, see something you really like, 
and i would talk you out of buying it.
but then i'd sneak back later and get it for you, for your birthday.
but our trip is half over, and you haven't really done much shopping...which is weird...
so i'm telling you about my plan, in the hopes that you'll find something you like.

i cried. sweet, salty tears. right into my bellini.
he didn't know, but i'd made a private, secret resolution to shop less in 2013
it was something right out of "Gift of the Magi"
(by O.Henry. read it if you haven't already)
he was counting on me to shop. i was trying hard not too.

but i didn't find anything.
it was just too much pressure, to find the perfect thing
to go with this seriously sweet story.
there just wasn't anything worthy.
(in my price range.
let's be honest...i could have EASILY made do with something from Balenciaga. (: )

last weekend, i came home from work
and found a robin's egg blue box, tied with a white ribbon
and the most precious note that brought me to tears.
it was my very first robin's egg blue box, and i was excited about it.
but his words were what are most precious to me.

if you saw my instagram,
(typical social-media-addict. i instagrammed a pic of the gift/note before opening it.)
he opened with "you is kind. you is smart. you is important."
and i fell apart.
he went on to talk about how proud he is of my personal growth over the past year,
which has been largely shaped by tears and loss
and how this teardrop necklace is meant to remind me
of how i've emerged a better, stronger person
even through the tears.

it's a beautiful necklace.
made even more beautiful by what it means.

he's a good one.
a really really good one.
i am so blessed.


  1. Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes. That is so so sweet and thoughtful. Wow.

  2. The absolute sweetest. Wow. Makes me want to cry, too! You are SO blessed, friend!!

  3. Aww, that's so sweet! And the necklace is so pretty!
    I love how he opened that note to you with those words. I know where that's from! (The Help-I like that movie).
    And happy belated birthday to you as well! :)

  4. Absolutely love this! Love when guys show how sweet they really are, and yes he sounds like a good one!

  5. Gift of the Magi ... and The Help. Plus one pretty awesome Nick and a deserving Emily. Equals tear-jerker.

  6. As we say in Minnesota....UFDA! Yah. He done good. No doubt you deserve every ounce of that good lovin'. :)

  7. This makes me so happy. Nick is the sweetest!

  8. it's so so sweet. i can tell he's a good one, and so are you. can't wait to meet you guys in person one day.

  9. You do have a good one, and you most certainly deserve it. This story made me happy.

  10. Oh man just reading that made me teary eyed! What an amazingly sweet and thoughtful gift. Something you will cherish for a long time I'm sure.

  11. this made me cry. and i'm pretty sure this is my first ever comment, which is weird. i'm not typically a cryer. or a commenter. you've made me hopeful that i'll find this one day. i haven't been hopeful in a while.

  12. i love reading sweet and real posts about married couple like you and nick... you two have something incredibly precious.

  13. This is such a sweet story! I love the beautiful necklace too, it's actually the same one I bought my bridesmaids!

  14. He is a keeper :)
    I was in tears when I saw your Instagram pic and now I am in tears again!

  15. I just shed a tear.
    That is so beautiful.

  16. He is definitely a keeper - you are truly blessed :)

  17. Welp, teary eyes over here. What a good guy!!

  18. Just plain awesome! Incredibly sweet :)


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