the islands: murano & burano

posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

we took a day trip from Venice
out to the islands of Murano and Burano
based on recommendations by Liz and Lauren
and i'm so glad we did.

the homeschooler in me got a huge kick out of watching the artisans blow glass
the concierge at our hotel in Venice (the Palace Bonvecchiati)
hooked us up with a ride to Murano and a tour of a glass factory
i bought a Christmas ornament...which is exactly what i had wanted

and i instagrammed it on our tree. as you may recall.

Murano was pretty. full of canals and glass factories.
i don't know why i had never thought of this before,
but the glass blowers were telling us about how the factories used to be in Venice
but the ovens kept catching the thatch roofs on fire!
so they moved the whole operation out to Murano, a couple hundred years ago.
makes sense. those clever Italians.
while on Murano, we had the most delectable mortadella panini
it was made on fresh focaccia that was covered in fresh rosemary and sea salt.
i'll remember that little sandwich forever.

Burano stole my heart away.
such bright colors and idyllic little streets.
it's known for its lace, 
and while it was too cold for the women to sit outside tying lace
we did catch a glimpse of one through a window
like creepers.

we ate the best lunch of our lives in Burano.

a shellfish appetizer, followed by the best fish risotto i've ever tasted
okay so it was the only fish risotto i've ever tasted
but it was phenomenal
i'll spend the rest of my life trying to replicate those insane flavors.
as you can see from the wine jug above, the place was called Al Gatto Nero

this is the last of the EuroTrip photos.
you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

but on a more serious note, i'm just so glad we did this.
it was brief. just a week.
but the opportunity to get to spend that day-in-day-out time with my husband
after going for so many months seeing him for just a few moments or hours at a time
was just priceless.

the first few days were a little rough.
we had to re-learn how to be together.
and there were a couple of topics we needed to discuss 
that we had been putting off for too long
but it felt so good to just talk, and explore, and eat, and drink, and be.
by the time we got to Italy, we were on cloud 9. 

and since we've gotten back, we've both looked at each other,
at different times, and remarked about how much we needed that time together
and how good it was to get away. 

and it was.
even though i came home to a to-do list a mile long
with upcoming exams, project deadlines, and a crazy work schedule
i am, somewhat uncharacteristically, taking it all in stride.
there is a peace in me, brought on by this trip, that has managed to stick.
and for that, i am so so thankful.


  1. awww, i just got all teary eyed. so glad you and Nick had this special time to reconnect. xo

  2. did you and Lauren plan to post about Burano on the same day? :) so thanks, you guys, for giving me a horrible itch to go to Italy that I cannot possibly satisfy anytime soon. maybe I'll just go eat a bunch of pasta instead and practice saying words in an Italian accent. that's almost the same thing, right?

  3. I was already jealous, but this just put me over the top. What an incredible trip. So happy you were able to have it and reconnect!

  4. Both you and Lauren have me yearning to visit these little islands! Those colours are amazing!

  5. these pictures look amazing and now i'm wanting to hop on a plane and head straight to italia. ugh. beautiful. glad you had a great trip! xox

  6. your photos made me that much more excited to visit italy in may. i'm in the process of learning italian, so i can hopefully speak more than just hi, my name is... before then. my boyfriend is from milan, which is why we're visiting... i'll definitely have to ask him to check out burano during our trip. glad i stumbled upon your blog to see these beautiful colors and sites.

  7. what amazing photos! I have loved reading your recaps-- and I am seriously jealous of all the amazing food you had!


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