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posted on: Thursday, February 21, 2013

being in the Air Force has its perks.
they DO have some really sweet planes.
and if you're good, they let you ride in them.

my residency awarded an incentive flight
to the best resident in each class, based on first quarter performance
and i won for my second year class
i was supposed to fly last month
and the damn fiscal cliff threatened to take it away
but the wing commander decreed that if it was a flight i was promised,
a flight i would get.
so here i am.

yesterday i had egress training
in preparation for my flight today.
what is egress training, you ask?
well, it's basically learning how to get out of the plane in an emergency
either while it's in the air, or on the ground.

i won't lie.
it was some scary ish.
took the whole experience from this is awesome! 
to i could potentially die from this...

favorite lines from the training day:
"pulling on anything labeled yellow and black will result in violent action"
(the eject handle is yellow and black. so is the canopy release.)
"if your parachute malfunctions during descent, 
you have the rest of your life to fix it"
(ha. ha. ha. funny death joke.)

there's a Google image of my aircraft. the T-6.
i'll be up there in the backseat this afternoon
joystick between my legs
pedals at my feet
and a bunch of buttons i'm not supposed to touch.

here's hoping i can hang on to my lunch
while we're pulling G's up there...


  1. I love those photos! Thank you for sharing! I have a soft spot for planes because my dad was a Lt. Col in the USAF for 30 plus years. When he passed away a few years ago I got the F111 E tattooed on my forearm in his honour. The USAF was how I got to have such a nomadic childhood.

    How fun does that look? That is really awesome.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  2. im kinda jealous. although i would probably pee myself

  3. I'm so jealous - this sounds amazing!! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  4. hot damn this makes me SO NERVOUS! bahahaha even though my father in law has flown planes for the Air Force for, like, 30 years now... i still feel all anxious for you!

    and for heavens sake, stay away from yellow and black! i feel like it's the rhyme you used to say about snakes: black and yellow, kill a fellow... red and black saves jack.. or something like that...

    but have fun!

  5. Have the most incredible time!!

  6. enjoy! you lucky lil ducky! and don't touch the black and yellows!

  7. You look super badass, girly! How fun! And SCARY!

    Dani //

  8. I've never been more jealous. This. Looks. Awesome.

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