posted on: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

this guy.
so happy i have him.
our EuroTrip was so so good.
it renewed the romance. which was so needed.
we were starting to feel like roommates, ya know?
trucking through residency together.
and we're still trucking.
we just smooch a lot more now.

this week has been particularly ridiculous, as far as patients go.
a few of the more memorable gems:

the patient's husband who gave me a huge hug
after i told him his wife didn't have a bowel obstruction that needed surgery
she just had buckets of gas in her colon. and needed to...pass it.

the urology resident who remarked,
after i told him about my patient with testicular pain
that didn't have torsion or epididymitis or anything scary,
"so he's just one of those dudes with ball pain"
me: "that's like, a thing? ball pain?"
him: "yup."

the patient who decided today was the day to come to the ER
after ONE YEAR of vaginal bleeding.
one year.
what about one year of symptoms constitutes an emergency?
an inconvenience, yes. i'll give you that.
but an emergency?

the patient who had to be admitted to the ICU because they literally
took so much Vicodin
that they stopped breathing.

the staff radiologist who put in his report
(which, by the way, goes in the patient's medical record)
"this is a very sexy case"
when talking about the specific type of calcification
on the patient's pulmonary nodules

this is just a taste, my friends, of my daily life.

i have a remarkably entertaining job.


  1. your days are *much* more exciting than mine!

  2. Hahaha, thanks for making me chuckle!
    A year of bleeding?!?! Seriously???

  3. Thank you to adding such humor to what has otherwise been a very boring Tuesday!

  4. sounds like a lot of fun.
    and ps. i love the new hair!

  5. some craaaaaazy stories you've got, my friend.

    also, i know what you mean on travel renewing the romance. steve and i have just a wee bit left, just a weeeeee bit, of romance still lingering from our italy trip oh three years ago? so, yeah, we have got to get back on a plane somewhere and fast cause shit's about to get ugly.

  6. One year of vaginal bleeding??
    I would freak out after 3 weeks! What a crazy person!


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