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posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2013

let's take a trip back in time
to when Waylon was a baby
and i was a hippie.

yesterday, that lil pup turned one.
and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that he's huge now
but i can still pick him up. because he's skinny.

and oh yeah.
they named me Chief Resident.

so that's my big news!
if you're having a hard time understanding the significance of being named Chief,
allow me to direct your attention to Grey's Anatomy.
Bailey was named Chief. well, first they gave it to Callie, but she sucked at it.
so then they made Bailey the Chief. 
even my mom uses Grey's Anatomy references to understand my life.
when i told her, she was all "you're Bailey!"

my program has 6 Chief Residents.
2 Chiefs reign over 4-month periods of time.
i'm third Chief. so i'll take over next year in February.
which is perfect, i think. i get to enjoy my 3rd year,
then take on a big leadership role just as i'm gearing up to graduate.

being Chief Resident is kind of a big deal in the medical community.
it's the kind of thing people put on their resumes for the rest of their careers.
a very well-respected position.
i'm incredibly honored to be thought so highly of. to say the least.

that was probably way too much information.
but now you know.
thank you for all of your congrats on Insta yesterday!
you guys sure make making announcements fun.

speaking of announcements, RIP Google Reader, amiright?
i've jumped on the BlogLovin' bandwagon and would love for you to jump too.
(there's an icon right over there----->)
i usually read blogs on the Flipboard app for my iPad
and i'm loving seeing the actual blog pages on BlogLovin'
this is not a bad move. not a bad move at all, i feel.
in fact, it's inspired me to do a little spring cleaning.
so expect a fresh new look around here in the (hopefully) near future.


  1. Happy Birthday to Waylon and CONGRATULATIONS to you!! I get all my medical knowledge/information about medical training from Grey's Anatomy (which I know is TOTALLY accurate). :)

    That's so awesome! You'll be great! And it's nice that you get to sit back watch others do it and see what worked for them before it's your turn.

  2. ahhh!!! so so HAPPY for you!

    i even told my mom about it (;

  3. wowowow! Congrats hot stuff! xoxo

  4. Congrats times a million! You'll make a great Bailey :) I'm sure that kind of accolade helps you feel at least a teensy bit better about any mistakes you've made (re: your previous post). Kudos! (And happy birthday, Waylon!)

  5. WHAT??!! Baller. Congrats!! That is huge! :) Happy Bday to the furbaby!

  6. Happy birthday to Waylon, and Happy Chief Dr. to you!! Such fantastic news, and even further proof that you're just amazing!!

  7. CONGRATS on being chief resident, Em!! That is amazing!!! You totally deserve it. :)

  8. CONGRATS!!!!! You know what I was hoping for (getting stationed on some small island in the middle of the pacific and east china sea...) but am thrilled for you!! Proud of you!

  9. Congrats! The first thing I thought of was Bailey, so glad that's an allowed reference to make :)

    I was looking through photos of my puppy- its sad they grow up so fast! She's going to turn two in May and is not liftable anymore!

  10. Congratulations on your amazing achievement! You deserve it! And happy (belated!) birthday to Waylon! It's so hard to see them grow up so quickly!

  11. HAIL TO THE CHIEF!!! That's my girl!

  12. congrats!!!! you kick ass. but we all already knew that. i am totally imagining you as bailey (but in your flight suit) and it's a freaking awesome mental image.
    ps happy birthday waylon! you are very cute! and have a great name.

  13. Congrats on getting Chief! That must have been so exciting for you.

    I found your blog via some other blog that linked to you(Marshalls Abroad maybe?) and I've spent an hour just reading. I was recently accepted to med school so I'm like 6 years behind you, so it's really exciting to see what's coming at me. My boyfriend is a 3rd year so we also have the medical school relationship thing, so it's interesting to see what goes on for others in a somewhat similar situation. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and tell you I'm a new (and excited) reader.

  14. dude, seriously. such a big deal. i pretty much think of you as a big deal. congrats, congrats, congrats.


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