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posted on: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hawaii. circa 2011.

 call me a bandwagon jumper, but here are my five things.
i specifically tried to pick things that were different from this list i made forever ago. 
here we go...

1. i am the girliest of all the military emergency medicine residents. you all may think i'm a badass, but they think i'm a high-maintenance princess. i may have earned this reputation. but i'm okay with it. it cracks me up that i'm literally friends with guys who know like, 142 different ways to kill a man. like, really good friends. emergency medicine. it's the great equalizer, apparently. 
where girly girls and manly men can find common ground when they both kick ass at intubating sick patients.

2. my biggest guilty pleasures are Real Housewives of Orange County, Rachel Zoe,  and Taylor Swift. if you pulled up next to me at a stoplight, you would no doubt see me belting out and getting DOWN to some 22. my last call of my entire medical career is sunday night, and i can think of no better way to celebrate that than to watch the season premier of RHOC. Heather is my fave, but Vicki is like the car crash i can't bring myself to look away from. can.not.wait. and Rachel Zoe? i can't even talk about it. i find her fascinating and amazing. 
you go girl. 
not above it.

3. food. i love it.  i am not a picky eater. i love me some veggies, all kinds. but hell will freeze over before i turn down a juicy filet mignon. 
i am my father's daughter in that respect. my dad serves flank steak as an appetizer...for steak. not even kidding. he takes medicine for his cholesterol to support his habit, and i'm okay with that. 
food is one of my very favorite things. i will spend money on it and not think twice. i wash and recycle my ziploc bags...can't handle buying bottled water (you can get it from the tap for free!)...and have driven the same car for almost 10 years. but i will drop some bills on an amazing meal. so worth it. 

4. i have really high standards when it comes to friendships. i have worked really hard to learn how to be a good friend, and i have put in a lot of work to keep my friendships going. i have a hard time when friends aren't willing to put in the same effort, and i hold them to the same high standard to which i hold myself. it's cost me some friendships. i won't lie. but i think the friendships i've hung onto are the very best i could ever hope for. 

5. it drives me nuts when people/things/systems are not efficient. i have gotten into fights with friends over this. i see someone doing something in a way that just wastes so much time, and i point it out to them. i'm just trying to be helpful, but with my tone that is generally drenched in sarcasm, it doesn't come across that way. most people do not appreciate my helpful suggestions. but then again, i don't appreciate their wasting of precious, precious time. 
when someone uses a calculator to recalculate something that a computer has already calculated.  
when someone drives a route that is clearly slower than this other, faster route.
when someone repeats themselves constantly on ICU rounds.

it's probably, simultaneously, my most useful and annoying character trait.
annoying, for all of the aforementioned reasons.
useful, because i get ish done. for real.
Nick says i get more done in one day than most people get done in a week. 
i could go on with this efficiency thing. 
but it's counter-productive in getting you folks to find me charming. 


  1. This was a fun post, Emily. People think the same thing about me being overly girly, bit I'm much tougher than they think! (Certainly not tough enough to be an emergency room doctor...yikes!)
    What did you mean by " your last call?"
    My daughter LOVES RHOC, and I admit I find myself caught up in the drama when it is on ;)

  2. lindsey and i dance to 22. no shame.

    i like this list. especially the food one. i'm with you. (and rachel zoe is awesome too.)

  3. Wait, am I confused? Don't you work at BAMC? I'm not sure how you can deal with #5 and still work there. It's the most effed up place that's ever existed. Ever. :)

  4. Great list! I am the same way about food, my inner fat kid and inner athlete are constantly at battle.

  5. Love your list - especially 2, 3 & 4. Moving away from home after college really made me reevaluate "friendships" I had in college. It wasn't a fun or happy experience, but I'm glad it happened. Now I have friendships that I know are real - not just... convenient.
    Oh and Taylor Swift? I'm going to see her in Kansas City this August. With my 15 year old cousin. #noshame.

  6. I'm so with you on the food and things being efficient. I will also spend money on food over clothes. And my type A personality hates when time is wasted!!

  7. Speaking of being the girly Air Force Dr., I keep thinking I am going to see you on the Air Force commercial that is all women!

  8. FOOD, yes! Glad I'm not the only one who prioritizes this. Our family vacations have always centered around food (where are we going to eat? asking what's for dinner when we haven't even finished breakfast, etc.) And I'm also the same way with friends. I have high expectations, which can sometimes be disappointing but also worth it. (If you haven't read MWF Seeking BFF it's a great and interesting read about female friendships.)

  9. i completely agree with the food and efficiency! and i work so hard for my friendships so it annoys me when people don't try at all. which is why i only have a few friends.

  10. Oh girl, I am right there with you on #3 and 4!!!! I have only a few friends because of that. Oh and where in Hawaii did y'all go??

  11. LOL I think I'm the girliest girl you had ever met who was a drill sergeant in the Israeli Army :)

    Oh, and I hear ya on the Taylor Swift guilty pleasure. Trouble, trouble, trouble! Did you see the goat version of this song on youtube?

  12. Cute picture! I love your five things! I agree, I love good food, I even have a restaurant bucket list. No joke. Vacations revolve around places I'd like to eat as well. When I was in the Grenadine Islands, we went to a specific island just because we heard of a restaurant there was amazing, the lobster did not disappoint! I can also relate about the friendship standards, I try to really put myself into my relationships and make them a priority. And have been struggling with a specific situation lately where I feel one of my closest friends just sort of checked out. It's really tough.

    Anyway, have a great day gettin' ish done!

  13. I totally agree with you on that last one. Thanks for giving me a reason to blast 22! It really is a catchy song! :-)

  14. heather is SO my favorite!!! bahahaha she's the only reason justin will watch that damn show with me (;

    and efficiency is my middle name- i so understand how people don't like to hear the faster/efficient way.. come on people, i'm just trying to save you drinking time/housewives time/outdoor time/productivity in other areas of your life... idiots :P

  15. this just makes me miss you more than usual. boo. i love you.

  16. i'm with you on the efficiency thing. i'm sure some peeps find me annoying when i point out (or just try to take over) what they're doing too slowly. i see at as making everything better.

  17. Great post. I hear you in the friendships. I give so much for friendships and sometimes when you realise it's not bring reciprocated its time to cut those off. It can be tough. Especially now as an adult when it's harder to make friends.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  18. Oh my lanta we may be the same person.

    You can find me at any moment rocking out to some Tay Swift (or my newest obsession, the new JT album) at full blast. LOVE any and all RHOwherever and Ms. Zoe. I die over her.

    Food. No cost is too great if it's delicious and will fill me up. However, I do hate paying for food when its $30 for 4 pieces of small ravioli.

    Can not stand when things aren't efficient or being done in the best possible way. My husband calls it micromanaging. I call it efficiency.

  19. I definitely appreciate your perspective on friendship-- wish more people had it. It takes me awhile to make friends for that reason, I can't just fall into a friendship the way some people do... but the friendships I do have last forever. Relationships take effort! Also, you seem like a good friend to have.

    Your honesty is also refreshing. :)

  20. Oh Vicki, that plastic surgery did her dirty. Not a good look honey. But Heather?? LOVE her. She tells it like it is in a classy way. And Tamara just needs to go...who wants the negativity crap all the time?! #notme #goaway

    22 is one of my JAMS. Love that song...and I don't care who knows it!

  21. You inspired me


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