one more go-round

posted on: Monday, March 4, 2013

i know, i know.
i said i was done with the EuroTrip posts.
but last week was just so horrific, that this weekend,
i found myself curled up in the fetal position needing to find a happy place.

i wasn't going to dwell on it, but hell.
i hate vague blog posts.
so here's the scoop:
last week, i had a huge test on wednesday
it's our Emergency Medicine In-Training Exam
like, prep for the EM boards, while you're in training.
my residency program places a huge amount of importance on doing well.
no pressure.

the day before the exam, my catalytic converter literally rusted off my car.
sounded like i was driving a semi down the road. no exaggeration.
so i dropped off the car at the mechanic
and planned to take Nick to work the next morning
so i could drive his truck to my exam.
everything was going according to plan
until i pulled up to the gate at Fort Sam Houston
and the guard refused to let my vehicle on post
because my (read: NICK'S) vehicle inspection sticker was expired
by like, 9 months.
so i had to drive down the road and park in a McDonald's parking lot
beg the manager not to tow me while i took my test
and call a fellow classmate to pick me up and take me to the exam
all this happened like 15 minutes before the exam started.
not stressful. at all.

that was the worst of it.
but then my car wasn't ready that afternoon
so i had to rent a car for a couple of days
in order to make it to work.
it was just a huge pain in the ass, is basically what i'm saying.
so so stressful.

Nick was in one hell of a doghouse, i'll tell you.
and i know i'm cursing a fair amount in this post
but it is nothing compared to what actually happened in real life.
being a military member and an ER doc does not help one talk like a lady.

so you'll just have to forgive the fact that i'm a horrible videographer
and forgot that iPhone videos should really be filmed horizontally
and that Nick and I are ridiculous
and deal with this.

it's the last hurrah.
and it makes me happy.
hopefully this week, there will be more of the happy
and less of the the "seriously? this is happening. this. is happening now."


  1. You guys are really cute in the video :) It made me smile esp Nick's silly faces.

  2. aw, no pigeon for you! seriously, nick's faces just made my day.

  3. videos for the win when life is a bitch! Hang in there, Em.

  4. aww.. dude.... I got stressed just READING this shit... that's the kind of stuff that literally ruins my whole week... njfhbglkgtilzhgi ugk so i guess it's a good thing you got the looks AND the brains, ya know? :P

    i hope this past week went much much much much MUCH better! and cheers to this week, too! and yes, i am cheersing you at 2:28pm PST... and if you read my post this morning, you'd know this probably isn't my first time cheersing that early..

    and yes.. cheer"s"ing... not cheering... (;

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  6. gh. Those in-training exams can go suck-you-know-what. My hubby is in year 3 of his gen surg residency and finally got the results back from his big is the year that matters since he applies for fellowship next year. Blech. Cheers to better, less stressful things coming your way!


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