i'm Emily.
i'm married to Nick
and we live in San Antonio, TX
where we're both doctors in residency
my specialty is Emergency Medicine
and i'm completing my training at a military hospital
which still completely blows my mind.
i am hardly the military type.

yet, here i am: an Officer in the US Air Force

i grew up first in Brazil, then Tennessee, then Florida
so my upbringing has been a mix of Deep South
and South FL beaches, with a little futbol and Brazilian steakhouse thrown in for good measure
which makes me a little eclectic, i guess.

i love to cook
drink good wine
spend too much time in the sun
and fantasize about the days i get to wear pretty clothes
instead of scrubs or fatigues

this blog is where i share my life
(most of it, anyway)
it's not always pretty
but it is what it is.

i'm glad you're here...
and i hope you'll stay awhile!

photo credit: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography


  1. Hi Emily. I am totally staying here :) I love your blog and your beautiful writing. I am so sorry about your loss. Sending you prayers and lots of positive energy. Life feels cruel sometimes but I hope that you will find sunshine in the very near future.


  2. cute! i am a FL girl too and thanks to the military have moved around a lot too. good ole sicily for me :)

  3. Love your blog! I used to live in SA. My husband and I just moved to Houston . Luckily HEB still makes me feel at home. :) glad I found your blog!


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