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  1. Dr.Emily ... I do not know you, but I have followed the trail to your blog and greatly appreciate your open medical description of your Dad's plight. I do believe in miracles and i do believe in medicine. As a doctor, you are the hands of GOD and I believe that HE works through you. You witness miracles every day ... you are a part of them. But now I ask that GOD continue His work as the great physician and provide healing to your father. I pray that you recognize the miracles that he works ... not only in the life of your father, but also in the live of your family and even yourself. Blessings ... dan allen
    a caring shepherd

  2. Emily,

    You dont know me but I know your dad and mom and your grands (Kreidels). My name is Allen Dutton Jr. and I am a missionary in Brazil where your dad grew up. I am also an MD. I am praying for a full recovery and for all of your family. Our God created our bodies and He can heal our bodies. God bless you!

  3. Emily,

    When your family lived in Nashville, our families, along with the Smiths and others, hung out together. I haven't seen your Dad or Mom in quite some time. I received your granddad's email this morning that described to some extent the stroke that your Dad sufferred and I was heart broken. Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your Dad and your whole family.

    Mike Hunton

  4. Emily,
    I also do not know you. Your sweet sister, Abby, plays volleyball with my daughter, Shannon. Shannon broke her foot early in the season and therefore didn't play in tournaments until the end of the season. As a result, my husband and I didn't meet your dad until recently. But I want you to know how we were both struck by his generous heart and warm, outgoing nature. I could sense immediately that there was something different about him, and wasn't at all surprised to learn he was a Christ follower. I want you to know the impact he had on my husband, who is not a professed believer. I believe your father planted seeds there, as he likely did in all kinds of "random" interactions throughout his life. My heart is broken for you, your brothers, your sisters and your mom. Thank you for your post "Reeling" -- you have no idea how many lives you are impacting with your words. May the God of all comfort be your strong tower as you face the days ahead. Blessings in Christ, Cathy Driscoll


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