Sibbies and the City

posted on: Friday, December 31, 2010

this week has been a whole new version of SATC for me.
(note the title of this post)
A, J, and A--aka the sibs--came back to Chicago with me and Nick after Christmas.

their fascination with snow was both unparalleled 
and beyond my ability to predict.
there was no snowbank left untouched by these three Floridians. 
they were more into the snow than the city, i think.

bundled up and ready to brave the cold!

the destination. night one.

annie, abby, jesse.

plus nick and me. the bookends.

pretty girl (:

A: "my cheeks are freezing!" me: "so pull your scarf up." A: "but then i'll look like a terrorist!" touche, Abby. touche.

at the Bean. this one was not so blurry...

this one oh-so-blurry. what happened?

i love this one. and these people.
channeling their inner Captain. not my idea, i swear.

not a single in-focus shot of him to be found.

like a whirling dervish, he is.

"look ma, i'm skating!" (note the grip on the railing)

not too sure about this

a rare shot of me in front of the camera. fixing loose laces.

the Kreidel kids. minus one.


him trying to make me fall. my double chin is proof positive that i enjoyed many meals this holiday season.

the elusive Jesse. rarely caught on film.

a skate star!

snowball fight: cause and effect.

snow and the city

snow angels. duh.

covered in snow and still smiling...

...and this is why. exacting her revenge.

sweet face

leaving their mark (at least it wasn't yellow snow)

somebody got some snow down her jacket.
some apres-ice-skating deep dish.

at the American Girl store. her heart stopped a little.

museum of science and industry

baby chick! (and baby fingerprints on glass.)

yes. that is exactly what you think it is.
maybe not the best shot to end on, but i couldn't resist.

so there you have it.
my sibbies visiting the frigid north, for possibly the last time before we move to Texas.
we had a fantastic time.

they left yesterday and i spent hours cleaning the grime off my house
(you'd think the shoebox would take less time to clean, right?)
then i slept for an inordinate period of time.
gallivanting around Chicago with three teenagers (well, almost teenagers.) really takes it out of ya.

i have a renewed respect for mothers and those who work inside the home 
(i dasn't call them housewives)
and a renewed love for birth control.

ain't my time yet, folks. 
for now, i'm content to love them, and send them back.

i believe in Santa Claus

posted on: Friday, December 24, 2010

...and this is why i do.

me and Santa. circa 2004.
i know that there are hardly words for this picture
but allow me to attempt to explain...
that. is me. as an elf. rocking the green Chucks and sofees.
and Santa is my granddaddy.

we are in Israel, of all places, bringing toys to kids in children's hospitals there.
(it's not all Jewish down there in Israel. there's a ton of Palestinians too. if you recall.)
and they believe in/LOVE Santa Claus.

today, my Santa granddaddy can be found at the Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville, TN
...but only until evening.
then he has to jet back up to the North Pole to load up his sleigh and trek around the world tonight.

if you're still not convinced, here's my friend Zach Williams singing a little tune to help you believe, too.

if you like his tunage, you can pick up a free, full-length album of his here
i recommend "James" and "Hospital" 
(Hospital is about when his wife Stacy was in the hospital after falling off a horse and literally breaking her neck. I dare you to have dry eyes while listening to this song.)

anyway. we went to college together and sang in chapel together and the Williams' are stand-up people. who create the most adorable children. 
but that's neither here nor there.
get the music. it's free.

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas eve eve

posted on: Thursday, December 23, 2010

for those of you who only exist in my blogosphere, and not in my USmailosphere...
here's a lil glimpse of the Fleming Christmas card 2010.

thanks, shutterfly.
also known as our very first Christmas card.
2010 has been a rather big year for us.
we got engaged December 25, 2009.
and got married May 28, 2010.
in Italy.
then had a reception in California July 10, 2010.
woah whirlwind.
to say nothing of finishing our 3rd year of medical school
starting our 4th year
taking Step 2 Board exams
moving in together (obviously. i hope.)
and then, last week, i found out i get to do residency in San Antonio, TX.
(it's pretty much a sure thing that Nick will get to also. don't worry. we find out for 100% sure in March, but we're pretty much considering it a formality. hope this cavalier attitude doesn't come back to bite us...)

this is literally a 10 year dream-come-true.
(remember those kids in undergrad who knew what they wanted to do on Day One of freshman year? and they actually did it? well. that was me. IS me. i've known i wanted to be an ER doc since i was 16. and now it's actually happening. pinch me?)
but it has all been amazing.
incredibly blessed and mostly blissed. (;

since i seem to be more of a binge blogger than one who can actually consistently do this daily, if i don't see ya till after Christmas...i sincerely wish you and yours a very very merry one.
and if i miraculously pull another one out...
well...don't count on that one.

Emily's Favorite Things: #13

i think i'm at 13 now? 
sorry, i've been remiss. i'll tell you all about my holiday travels on another post. 
but for now, here is another one of my very favorite things. 


that's right.

i j'adore them.
ever since i was oh, 10 years old? 
when my parents built the first house that i can remember them building. 
in orlando, fl. 
me and the broheim would steal as many floorplans from all the model homes they visited.
and we would sit in the backseat of the car as mom and dad drove from subdivision to subdivision (oh suburbia.) and drool and dream over the size of the bedrooms, fantasizing about where we would set up our Lego villages.

and now it's my turn to pick where i live 
(yet again. let's not pretend this is the first time i've moved. 14 times with my fam BEFORE college. and probably just about once a year since freshman year. you could say i've moved a few times.)
and i find myself like a kid on Christmas morning over the craigslisting and the
i sit and drool and dream over the size of kitchens, laundry rooms, and closets. 
oh the closets. 

so this is kind of a weird fave thing. maybe i've opened you up too much to the Pandora's box of the far corners of my brain. but no one has ever accused me of being dishonest. so here it is.

favorite thing #13.
i think.

Emily's Favorite Things: #12

posted on: Friday, December 17, 2010

also, while i'm on a blog-roll
and since i now know that my residency future is secure
i will share with you Favorite Thing #12.

i'm totally ripping this off from Julie & Julia
but i don't care.

after watching that movie, and after spending four years in Chicago
(a town with truly great food)
i decided that i, too, would love to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook

yes plz?
i am not nearly so ambitious as to commit to such an undertaking in one year.
but i thought to myself, that perhaps over the course of a residency, this could be possible.
residency is three years.
totally doable, right?
even for a busy newlywedded doctor such as myself?

wish me luck!
while i am not committing to blogging about it,
i'm sure a few recipes will sneak their way onto the blog every now and then.
the project won't start until residency begins in July
but i think Christmastime would be a perfect time to at least get the book?
to get me started?

are you listening?

Emily's Favorite Things: #11

as the delightful Sarah Tucker pointed out to me...
(it's her birthday by the way!)
...i was remiss in mentioning which specialty i'll be pursuing for the rest of my days.

i need these books anyway, but i truly believe they will become some of my favorite things
much as emergency medicine is my favorite thing

my new bible

thanks amazon
so, being in the Air Force, and being an emergency medical physician,
hopefully i'll end up looking like a cross between this...

and this...

also delicious
or no...

no words

posted on: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

well....maybe just a few.

but no pictures.

today was one of the coolest, most surreal, most exhausting days of my life to date.
and it is because it was so exhausting that there are no pictures.

the long and short of it is, i got a job today.
a job that i've been training for, for almost 4 years.
because, you see, when you graduate from med school, you are officially a "doctor".
but no state will actually let you practice medicine until you complete a residency in some specialty (or in general medicine, if you don't wanna do a specialty. either way. residency is required.)
and today, i got selected for a residency.

it has been a loooong process.
two board exams (so far. i take the third one tomorrow.).
28 applications.
countless interviews.
and months of waiting.
today i found out that they picked *me*.

my entire medical school career has been preparing me for TODAY. 
and life worked out for me today in a huge way. 
or, as i prefer to think of it, God finally clued me into the plan for the next couple years.

so i will be moving to San Antonio, and hopefully the hubs will join me. (:
(we find out for sure in march)
and i'll be a resident at my top choice program.

there just aren't words to describe this feeling.
it's just awesome.
take my lack-of-word for it.

Emily's Favorite Things: #s 8-10

posted on: Friday, December 10, 2010

okay. so it's been a rough week. 
and that "holiday feeling" is pretty scarce around here.
part of me wishes i could've still mustered up some happy to tend to the blog
but i just couldn't. 
so i'm making my own rules. and today is favorite things 8-10. 

when i'm feeling this way,'s depressing. but when i'm feeling this way around Christmas, it's especially depressing. because i feel like the holiday season is whipping past me and i'm not getting as caught up in it as i wish i could. 
remember when you were a kid and starting counting down to Christmas after Thanksgiving...and it seemed like it would NEVER come?
when did Christmas sneak up on you and come and go like lickety-split?
i would imagine that the transition took place somewhere between a driver's license and medical school for me. 
so unfortunate.

thankfully, there's Christmas movies. 

it's a wonderful life.
that George Bailey. he never fails to remind me that it really IS a wonderful life. 
and that it could always be worse. (:

"buddy the elf what's your favorite color?"
always makes me smile, he does. and if you've never run screaming in and out of one of those whirly twirly door things in new york city, then you're seriously missing out.

the family stone
poor SJP. always saying the MOST wrong thing at the wrong time. my skin crawls every time i watch the scene at the dinner table. 
and i always cry at the end. no matter what mood i'm in.
but this is an especially good wallowing Christmas movie. and somehow, makes all my problems seem smaller.
i mean, MY mother is not dying. thank god. 

i also love The Holiday. the dialogue, though awkward at times, is saved by Jude Law's incredibly good looks and charm. and who can resist those adorable daughters of his?? 
"you don't like hot cocoa?"


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