feast your eyes

posted on: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i know.
fake out.
yesterday i was all, i'm not gonna be blogging much
and here i am.
two days in a row.

well, hubs was on call last night
which left me with nothing to do but prep this post for you
get ready to meet the next best thing to hit the internet since Pinterest

it basically IS Pinterest
but just food

page after page
of the prettiest food your eyes have ever seen

clicking on the picture of the food
takes you to the blog/website/wherever the recipe is from

and there's an iPhone app too
typically i'm like, quick! what to make for dinner?
then i go to my trusty iPhone app and figure something out.

i promise i'm not getting paid for this ultra-cheesy promo
i just wanted to share awesomeness with you.
this is why i'm in medicine. not sales.
with medicine, you just walk into a patient's room and be like, 
dude. you have to have this blood transfusion. or you will die.
no selling involved.

one more.

summer trip continued: Milos

posted on: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i should've been stoked about today being my day off
and i was.
until i was 3 hours in, waiting for the service on my car to be finished
the Honda service center waiting room was hardly where i wanted to be today.
oh, the joys of only knowing doctors in your town
everyone i knew was working.
no one to rescue me.

i tweeted it earlier and i'll say it again:
adulthood blows.
at least the annoying rattle in my car has ceased

doctoring has kept me pretty busy lately.
and made me pretty smelly.
lessons learned:
wear non-porous shoes.
ya know, just in case you put a chest tube into a dude and hundreds of ml's
of the nastiest fluid your nostrils have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with
decides to pour out of the dude's chest and onto you favorite running shoes.

i'm not saying that happened.
but i'm not gonna say it didn't. 

the shoes have been bleached
and salvaged
and a new pair of more appropriate work footwear has been purchased.

moving on.
serenity now

backpacks and stairs are a #winning combination

my obsession with painted doors has not waned.

i'd live here.

so these pictures are from Milos
the very last Greek island we visited.
we were 2 days from going home
and decided to go all out.
so we (along with 8 other random people) chartered a catamaran
and sailed around the island.

go big or go home?
we were going home
so we went big 
fishing villages. only accessible by boat.

a rock that looks like a bear. with a seagull sitting on its head.

my man is so strong.

our trusty vessel.

sails make me happy

so do these hammock-thingys that catamarans have

hubs was checking me out. i was checking the water out.

in the middle of the aegean and he's playing Angry Birds. 

he's cute though. all is forgiven.

from inside a cove

his seat looked good. so i stole it.

most beautiful. water. ever.

contemplating how cray-cray my hair looks.

BOOM. zoomed.

could've stayed here for days

me, zoomed, too.

"remember. you're married."

it. was. frEEzing.

boat fixin's

and at the end of the day, this.
so there was Milos.
not bad, eh?

don't get too used to this whole me-blogging thing.
i've got another crazy few days coming up.

ps. i know i'm a horrible commenter
(as in, i rarely do it)
but know that i read and heart your blogs.
just a psa to remind you all of that.



posted on: Thursday, August 25, 2011

that title may be misleading you to think that the contents of this post
are much more mysterious than they actually are.

in truth,
i just didn't know what to title it.

today is my last day of vacation until december
i've been walking around like i'm walking the plank or something
i'm actually stoked to be going back to work in the ER tomorrow
but i'm definitely dreading the 4 solid months of work
or work in general, for that matter
staying home and decorating
and blogging
and baking
and laying poolside
reading for fun
suits me quite fine thankyouverymuch

but alas, medicine is my calling
so back to work i go.

last weekend i went to Atlanta again
(it's really my second home)
and celebrated the engagements of two of my besties
(not to each other)
classiest damn margarita fixin's mine eyes have evah seen

favors. such classy wedding colors. well done, mellie

extra dose of classy with a penis cake. it was red velvet. go ahead. picture it.

the spread. i discovered some girls don't eat at parties. i am NOT one of those girls.

the beautiful bride! practicing with a baby. and a giant penis cup.
 Melody (i call her mellie and she's okay with that) will be happily wed
on november 5th
she is my longest-running friendship
which speaks poorly for me since we met freshman year of college
(i wasn't very popular prior to age 18)
it's just obscene.

me and that baby's momma. totally looks like she just had a kid, right?

we strung up all the goodies Mellie got. made a delightful piece of artwork.

blurry bffs.
 they're so lucky to have each other in atlanta
i'm insanely jealous.
3-of-4 sisters. aren't they just ridiculous?

shoulda sucked in a bit more. 
 i know you've seen Susanna on this blog before
and here she is again
get used to it
i like her, okay?
sweet bebe annaleigh

me and Rachie! the other blushing bride of the weekend.
 just brunching.
on a monday.
totally normal activity for young professionals to undergo
that's Rachel up there
she's getting married in Cali on march 31st
i'm a bridesmaid
and she's hired my wedding photog
excited doesn't begin to cover it.
me and susanna. moments after i devoured the largest breakfast known to man.

my graduation present to myself makes its blog debut (:
 remember when i said i wanted this ring?
i bought it.
for myself.
i always told myself i would treat myself to a right-hand ring
when i "arrived" as a successful career woman
in my book, graduating from medical school
qualifies me as having "arrived"
so i did it.
and i'm not sorry. it's beautiful.
just two of my very favorite blondes
 they may or may not be coffee addicts.
i'm a freaking doctor and i got the jitters
couldn't handle the to-go cup.
clearly i'm an amateur.
trying out vintage doo-rags

me. ombre'd.
 so then i got back from atlanta
and decided to ombre my hair
the effect was slightly more subtle than i was going for
but apparently when you dye your hair dark for years
that makes it slightly difficult to dye it blonde later on
i'll work on a more stunning effect for you next time
i was like, thrilled to be taking self-portraits. of myself. clearly.
 now i'm watching Grey's Anatomy
psyching myself up for tomorrow
(since clearly watching GA is more effective than actually reading a textbook)
(how do you think i got through medical school?)
i'm also baking a cake
and drinking wine
and blogging

i'm a doomed woman
gotta live it up while i can

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