scenes from turkey day

posted on: Friday, November 25, 2011

i'm drinking hot apple cider
out of my Christmas mug
watching The Wedding Date
(not Christmasy...but still a guilty pleasure. Dermott Mulroney...ohemgee)

basically, life is fantastic.
i am STILL feeling thankful.
so let's relive, shall we?
pre-roasting of the bird.
 best part about making champagne turkey for t-giving?
having an excuse to buy that second bottle...
for drinking mimosas while it roasts
poppin' bottles

me and champagne are friends.

in my family, we let 12-year-olds drink mimosas.
when the 12-year-old is as tall as you are,
you figure her liver can metabolize a schmitch of the bubbly. 
the turkey is a boozer.

16 year olds become docile when forced to peel apples.

she's clearly shy.
homegirl signs all her emails (yes, she has an email account) "lil diva"

just because.

she's a pretty one. with her fuchsia feathers.

finally done!

spinach balls. a vegetable for good measure.

the grown-up table. i didn't sit here.

but i totally swiped one of those bottles for MY table.
here's hoping the Thanksgiving holiday will manage to prevail past last Thursday.
i had the day off
but i went back to work Friday and have been there ever since
day after Thanksgiving, i had to tell a patient he had a mass in his brain.
happy thanksgiving, you have brain cancer.

puts things into perspective a bit, eh?
hope you're finding lots to be thankful for
that you have someone that loves you as much as this...

somebody i'm married to had this little gem waiting for me when i got home from work


giving thanks

posted on: Thursday, November 24, 2011

i spent a very delightful day
cooking and eating delicious food
watching football
painting nails
watching youtube vids
with my family

and i am so very thankful for them
and for... 
+my cozy house
+my car that still works 
(Marvin is his name. he turns 10 next year.)
+my job that i love and am so fulfilled by
(even though i'm not thrilled about going to work at 0630 tomorrow morning)
+my snuggly kitty, Ella
+passing my boards
(now i can apply for a medical license!)
+being DONE with the CCU
+amazing friends that love me at my worst and believe in me so wholeheartedly
+health-that my body will do what i want it to, when i want it to

but most especially...
photo by JL Photography
for this guy
who still looks at me that way
and put a hot meal on the table every.night. i worked in the CCU
and cleans the bathrooms
and lets me snuggle him whenever i want
and always rubs my leg when we're riding in the truck just so i know he's there
and gives me massages and back scratches before i go to sleep
and musters up excitement about decorating for christmas and sending out christmas cards
and believes in me when i don't believe in myself
and isn't threatened by my ambition or my intelligence, but instead appreciates me for those things...and loves me even more for them

for all these things, and more,
i am incredibly thankful.


happy thanksgiving!

posted on: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

  turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.
there aren't even any food photos.
(wait till tomorrow. oh. there WILL be food. and photos of it.)

this is just me.
getting ready to hit the road to Austin.
we're spending Turkey Day with my mom's family
who will allll be there.
one big (mostly) happy family.
there is talk of deep frying a turkey.
my job will be to prevent emergency room visits potentially caused by that activity.

it's only an hour-ish to Austin
but i like to be comfy when i ride.
here's an outfit inspired by Pinterest:
i'm packing in the background.
leggings:J.Crew  shirt:Anthro  socks:Target   scarf:found in a lecture hall
(happy end-of-CCU to me)

of course, now i can't find the original "Pin" that set me off
oh well.
i guess that makes ME original.

here's something else that happened today:

apparently, spending your entire life in the CCU
somehow makes you justify spending $14 on nail polish
hey, what else are disposable incomes for?
this isn't going to last forever.
eventually there will be loans to pay back
and babies to be had.
but for now,
nail polish.

who DOESN'T want their nails to look like disco balls?
i mean, come on.

happy thanksgiving!

sibbie love

posted on: Monday, November 21, 2011

these crazies are coming to visit today
i cannot WAIT to see them



(all photos stolen from their facebook pages. that's right. my 12-year-old baby sister has a facebook page. and a cell phone. what IS this world coming to.)


posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

honestly, i'm miserable.
i can't remember a time when i've dreaded the coming days more.
this rotation just sucks.
i'm done with it on Thursday.
which CANNOT come soon enough.
i can't wait to get back to 8 hour shifts...and dump these 15 hour days i'm currently pulling.

it's pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself when you work at a military hospital though.
which is not to say that i'm not giving it a whole-hearted effort.

moving on.
"wurstfest" is not just another name for the rotation i'm currently on.
count the different kinds of meat...
wurstfest is a 50-year-old tradition
in new braunfels, tx.
it's very German.
there's lots of "wursts"
bratwurst. liverwurst. wurstkabob.
and of course, turkey legs.
pretttty excited about the sausage.
(that's what she said)
we brought friends.
blogosphere, meet Dave and Meghan.
dave went to med school with us.
nick lived with him before we got married.
meg is a newly gradjamacated pharmacist.
they live in our apartment complex.
and dave is in the AF with me...we work at the same hospital.
awesomeness all around.
second favorite thing about wurstfest.
with oktoberfest brews in them.
third favorite thing.
old dudes dressed like this.
(i had to take this on the sneak. sorry for the blur. he moved surprisingly fast.)
99 bottles of beer on the wall....

nick's very first funnel cake.
 i know.
it had apples on half. 
action shot.

note the collection of pitchers...

pretty texas.
we had a delightful time.
wurstfest also included a master yodeler.
and a polka contest.

texas, you never cease to amaze me with your kitschy-ness.

p.s. countdown to the end of CCU: 47 hours, 24 minutes....

from the brink of death...and a wedding

posted on: Monday, November 14, 2011

given my last post,
this title probably has you thinking all kinds of crazy things.

no, i did not drive my car off the highway ramp.
but i did fall prey to a horrible illness.
i have been an incubus of viral plague all week.
and today i'm piecing my life back together,
as it has fallen into complete disarray.
step one: blog.

first of all,
thank you for your kind thoughts and words about my friend Meghan.
she is hoping to go home tomorrow...
still in pieces...
(it'll take at least two more surgeries to put her foot back together)
but at least she'll be HOME.
keep praying though...
that her surgeon will be committed to restoring her quality of life
to something that most closely resembles what it was pre-accident
(there was talk of her never being able to wear heels again.  *GASP*)
here's a glimpse of what she's dealing with:
yes. the second toe is broken.
and yes. i posted nasty doctory shit on my blog. surprised? maybe you shouldn't be...
titanium is holding her leg together
and her foot is going to need some more patchwork
we're very thankful that she's safe.

last time i saw Meghan whole,
was last weekend.
tip: when bridesmaids dresses have pockets, you can sneak in an iPhone photo between pro-photog takes

the bride and the champion bridesmaid of the day...who braved food poisoning to stand by her bride

and also played photobomber (i could see this whole thing going down...which is why i was laughing hysterically.)

serious smile face.

me, Sus, Meg. bridesmatrons extraordinaires.
it was actually a freezing day for a wedding in Orlando, FL
but we braved it.
like the rockstars we are.

and Mellie gets home from her honeymoon this week
so here's some bridie pics i snapped
fakeout! not the bride...but her gawgeous sister Courtney 
and if you think Court looks familiar,
maybe it's because you've seen her here or here
she's a professional bridesmaid
also, Sadie Tucks and I have some interesting mutual friend connections
for people who met through the blogiverse, anyway.

our little Melody
all growed up and gettin married
*le sigh*

do i have gorgeous friends or what?

glamorous schlamorous

posted on: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today i realized that i had been fantasizing
about driving my car off the elevated highway
on my way to work

not to commit suicide, mind you

i would have had the presence of mind to recline my driver's seat
so that when the car flipped
and the roof smashed in
i'd be laying flat
and wouldn't break my neck.

just enough of an injury to be in the hospital for a couple weeks.
to get some SLEEP for godssakes.

the life of a doctor is far from glamorous, my friends.

i am working crazy long, can't-stop-to-eat-or-pee days
and i pretty much hate my life right now.

i did get a weekend off, to go be in a wedding, and see my hubs for once
but have i had time to blog about it??

via my pinterest

but then i got a call from my bestie today
and she told me she had been hit by a car
while she was waiting to cross the street
a truck ran over her leg
it's broken in 3 places

she's in surgery right now
fixing her tibia, fibula, and calcaneus

so maybe the driving off a highway-shaped-cliff isn't such a grand thing to wish for?
and if you're of the praying type,
throw one up for Meggie
and her hubby and sweet baby Annaleigh

an outfit post

posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

as much as i really do love my job,
it's not the most fashion-forward career path.

c'est la vie.

i rarely do outfit posts.
mostly because i rarely put on real clothes
(it's always scrubs, pj's, or a uniform)
if i were to wait until i got actually "dressed" to do an outfit post,
we'd all be waiting a long time.

so here's my version:

me. on the daily. 
 scrubs, white coat, stethoscope.
this cracks me up. 
these photos were clearly taken in my bedroom.
i'm a rebel.
and a thief.
and apparently a felon, since i stole government property
(relax. i'm giving it back tomorrow.)
someone literally paged me while i was taking this picture.
 i don't answer pages when i'm off-duty.
nametag, pen, penlight (for shining in patient's eyes are 6am. they love that.)
 there's a picture of my hospital on my white coat.
in case i get lost, they will know where to return me.
the look of eager trepidation i wear on my face. everyday.

the contents of my pockets.
patient info.
my stamp.
ACLS cards (even though i've got that ish memorized)

so there you have it.
what i wear.
every day.

now leave me some love.
i'm on call today.
i relish your comments blowing up my iPhone in my left white coat pocket.
(so you can picture it more clearly.)
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