posted on: Monday, February 27, 2012

at the San Antonio rodeo.

where i learned that i picked up a lot more in 4-H 
than i thought i had
i'm practically a rodeo expert.

you can catch me and my favorite song
over here today

so i didn't get Saturday AND Sunday off.
i got Saturday off.
and while it wasn't enough...
it was still wonderful.

outfit post: in pieces

posted on: Monday, February 20, 2012

life in the ICU is crazy, y'all.
i've been working like a dog for 14 hours a day
keeping people alive and taking names
battling the ever-hostile Internal Medicine environment
and dealing with a barrage of venomous hatred directed toward Emergency Medicine at large
primarily being channeled through me.

basically they hate my guts.
best working atmosphere imaginable, right?

but press on, i must.
tonight i start nights.
so i went to lunch with a friend
(read: i actually got dressed.)

 this is the second time i've worn my wellies on a blustery day
that has actually turned out to be pretty sunny.
and warm.
leaving me looking ridiculous in my rain boots.

oh hey there
i'm forced to take self-portraits
because my husband is all snap, snap, i'm out.
he takes like 1.5 crappy pictures and then refuses to take any more.
and don't worry.
your eyes aren't bad. these are just out of focus.
apparently i take crappy pictures too.

oh well.

here's what i'm wearing, if you're curious:
wellies- Hunter; cords- Gap; sweater/ruffled shirt/belt- J.crew
(can you tell this is my favorite sweater?)

i'm grumpy today.
i'm not looking forward to living like a vampire all week.

happy LOVE day

posted on: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's Valentine's Day boys and girls.
a day to celebrate LOVE
and those we share it with.
sounds delightful, no?

or not.
most of my life, 
i managed to be out of a relationship right around this blessed holiday
some of my friends more aptly referred to it as
"single awareness day"

even now that i'm married
and more in love than ever
sometimes V-day is less than dreamy.
"it's a Hallmark holiday", sayeth the husband,
as he refuses to acknowledge its meaning
and thus,
we have spent many a Valentine's day

so if you're in the same boat
here's a less-than-sappy song
two versions of it, in fact.
and i can't decide which one i like better

the original?

or the cover?

his voice is so haunting
but i love watching Ingrid sing
and the way she plays all those instruments?

i just can't decide.
can you?

happy LOVE day.
if no one has told you yet that they love you today,
i do.

a jaunt in the snow

posted on: Monday, February 13, 2012

not too long ago
we journeyed to the arctic north...and west
after 7 balmy months in South Texas
the Rockies were calling our names

view of Breckenridge from our balcony

we did a little snowboarding
if you feelin like a pimp, go on brush ya shoulders off 
sideways goggles are THE latest

me and Susanna rocked those greens.

taken from my phone. in my pocket. serendipitous, no?
 the mountain sort of thrashed me
and my bum.
so i took days off in between...

mountain smooches
 for kissing...
action shot
 and jumping...
the trick to staying warm is to wear as many clothes as possible...
 and street modeling...
the doctors fleming, ladies and gentlemen

boys in flannel

boys in flannel, plus Dave: the man who pulled it all together

the Rockies...made more beautiful by Susanna and Elizabeth

the girls

the purpose of our trip

yes. he bought it. 
 animal beanies.
oh your baby wears one?
so does my husband.
just putting it all out there, eh?

modeling my new RayBans
we went to Breck to shred some gnarly pow
and to hang out with these lovely people 
Susanna+Kenny, together forever

awkward kissy photos are the best 

appropriately attired in Aztec garb

Mike and Elizabeth, fellow Texans. new friends. love them.

Dave, my fellow MICU commiserator, and his lady Meghan...with us in spirit
it's me!

we had a fantabulous time
as i think you can tell.
a little snow never hurt anybody
well that's a lie.
i hurt for a week after we got back.

thursday night dinner

posted on: Friday, February 10, 2012

oh hey there.
 last night i made dinner.

delicious, no?
 i mustered up the energy in my post-operative recovery state
and whipped up some delicious Linguine alla Vongole
(linguine with clams)

"there are 3 lemons. i asked for 12. baby wanted 12."

when a recipe calls for wine, what to do with the rest of the bottle?...

he makes me happy.

dishing it up

taking care of me.
 we've been trying to replicate this recipe
holy seafood.
 from our trip to Kos last summer
and i think we're almost there
last night's was delectable.
even though the fresh parsley i was SURE that we had already
turned out to be cilantro once we got home from the grocery store
so we used dried parsley.
not the same.

here we are at Nick the Fisherman's in Kos Town

look how tan and happy and bald (Nick) we are.
[fact: i wore the same earrings today that i was wearing in that picture.]

thank you all for your concern about my surgery.
it was super minor.
excision of a mole that had a (low) suspicion for malignancy
but that doesn't mean it hurts minorly.
procedures involving any part of the rib cage are the worst.
you can't move, or breathe, or cough, or sneeze
without excruciating pain.


and today i start my MICU rotation.
i miiiight have had a minor nervous breakdown last night.
and by might, i clearly mean, definitely did.

wish me luck.

role reversal

posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

today, i traded in my Superman skivvies
for my Clark Kent alter ego.

in other words, i went from being the doctor
to being the patient.

this morning i got up
put on my scrubs
made my coffee
and went to work

i spent my day 
consulting orthopedics for the tibia/fibula fracture
then later for the hip fracture
sent the baby boy (who was aggressively head-banging in his high chair to the point of needing stitches) home
then i intubated one patient
did an ultrasound on another one looking for free fluid in their belly
waited for the MICU to answer my page
(which never happened. stupid MICU.)

and i also ate lunch.

a totally unrelated photo of me drinking champagne from the bottle. class class class.
then i raced out of work
jumped on the highway
and drove to *another* hospital
checked in
and hopped up on the exam table

next thing i know,
i'm signing consent forms
on the line marked "patient"
getting prepped
and draped
and shot up with local anesthetic

being asked, "does this hurt?"
"are you comfortable?"
"we're done. wanna see?"
(not really.)

then i'm having a pressure dressing placed
and being given specific instructions
not to get it wet for 48 hours
or drink alcohol for 48 hours
or work out for one week

then i'm picking up prescriptions
and driving myself home
to a hubby-cooked meal
and a warm fire in the fireplace.

now i'm all hopped up on tylenol
and struggling with saran wrap and duck tape in the shower 
(to keep my dressing dry...note: this method is not effective. lesson learned.)
trying to look pitiful
so the huz will keep waiting on me hand and foot.


for the record,
i much prefer it on the stethoscope-wearing side of the table.
being a patient is less than fun.

also for the record,
you all are amazing.
and you say the nicest, most wonderful things.
thank you...from the apex of my left ventricle
(that's "bottom of my heart" in layman's terms.
i just made it up.
now you have a new way to say iloveyou to your honey.
just in time for V-day.
you're welcome.)
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