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posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012

as you know, I'm in Cali today
but i scheduled a little something for you.
i'm trying something new.
it's called blogging more than once a week.

last week, on my day off,
i found my camera again.
and felt so inclined to take some pictures.
nothing crazy or special.
just stuff around our house.

welcome to Casa de Fleming.

mexican pottery

jumped right on that succulent bandwagon, i did.

love them.

my favorite ottoman ever.

the corner by the window

record player

nick's man cave

affectionately termed the "shit-kicker" boots

oh hey. you're in Texas.

doctors live here.

it's an ox yoke

found glasses from a vintage shop. where's emily?
 i also made dinner one night
spiced rack of lamb
with avocado and orange arugula salad
love my meat rare

recipe courtesy of

that felt good.
to actually take pictures
and put them in a blog post.
haven't done that in a while.


going, going...back back

posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012 Cali, Cali

i'm going to California today!
i have four glorious days off
and i'm using them wisely to go watch a bestie get married

tonight i fly into LAX
to meet up with Kat and Marsa (pronounced like Marseille)
who will be coming from Louisiana and North Carolina, respectively
and we'll get a car and drive to Ojai
to drown ourselves in wedding festivities for the weekend
while we witness these two gettin hitched

photo c/o Emily Blake Photography
Rachel and Jon...i cannot WAIT for this.

weddings are a thing to which our crew is accustomed
Marsa's wedding, 2007. Kat, me, Rach...bridesmaids

Marsa made the loveliest bride, don't you think?

and so did Kat
Kat's wedding, 2009

note the dolla dolla bills
then i got married in 2010

we'll have to do a redo of this photo. with Rach in the white dress.

i am so excited to see my girls
soak up some California beauty
and wear my nose ring for several days in a row

packing is going to be a challenge
since after wearing literally nothing but scrubs and pj's for a month
i now want to wear EVERYTHING in my closet

wish me luck!
and get ready for some real live photos
of me living life outside the hospital
on this here bloggo in the very near future

good day

posted on: Thursday, March 15, 2012

this is what i look like when i'm reading your blogs.
good morning!
i slept in until 6:09am.

it was my day (night?) off last night
so nick and i slept. in the same bed. at the same time.
i know. you're impressed.

here's a small sampling of what i've been dealing with at work:

a teenage dude so drunk he couldn't protect his own airway from his own vomit. so he bought some plastic and i intubated him. blam. don't get drunk in my ER or you'll end up in the ICU too.

an old lady with a heart rate of 27.
(this is bad.)

a 3-year-old whose hip hurt. turned out it was appendicitis.

lots of vomit.

some blood.

and a computer systems crash that meant i had to wait 4 hours for a measly lab test.
talk about everything coming to a screeching halt.

night shifts are a bit more relaxed at ol' BAMC.
no colonels walking around making everybody all tense.
so we've been jamming to some tunes on a pretty regular basis.

my personal favorite:

favorite lines:
"i got a beep from Kim"
"i didn't even have to use my AK...i gotta say it was a good day"

no AK usage?
that IS a good day.


posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

the flemings got to hang out.
with each other.
this weekend.

don't worry.
nick was actually excited about it.
more excited than his picture-face shows.

in other news,
i just ate my enchiladas
that were supposed to be my 3am snack at work
but i never got to eat them.
i didn't pee for an entire shift either.
and i'm doctor enough to know that ain't healthy.

tell me how monday went.
i'm going to bed.

becoming a vampire

posted on: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've been pretty bummed out lately.
I confess.

I studied for my inservice exam for weeks and weeks
(the inservice is the way that my residency program gauges whether or not I am a retard. if I don't pass it, I get put on Retard Probation Status until next year's inservice when I'm given a chance to redeem myself.)
(it's not really called Retard Probation Status. I made that up.)
it was pretty miserable.
all that studying.
but everybody said "just get though the gets so much better after that"

and literally the day.after.the.test
I got an email saying that my schedule had been totally changed for the next two months.
instead of working days in the ER for March and April...
I'd be working ER nights in March
and doing Internal Medicine wards in April.


it's really not ALL that bad, working nights.
unless you're married. and your huz works days.
then you never see each other.
and you never get to sleep in your bed at the same time.
not cool, residency. not cool.

but working on the Wards...
now THAT is pure misery.
4 days off. all month long.
12-13hr days. (in the glorious glorious ER, we work 8's)
back into the Lion's Den that is the Internal Medicine department
where they all hate me because I'm from the ER.
it's gross.

I'm aware that I'm whining.
and I realize this is childish and not-very-hooah of me
("hooah" is an Army case you weren't aware. It basically means brave, macho, full of bravado. all things I am not, at the moment)

but I just didn't have any more left in me, ya know?
I placed all my hope in getting through the inservice
and then was just devastated when I learned I had to keep on chugging
mustering more hopes has turned out to be incredibly difficult

I've had some breakdowns.
more than a few.

and now I believe them (whoever "they" are)
when they say that intern year just simply blows
no way around it.

but I'm exhausted.
and burnt out.
and I hate that I can't imagine what having Saturday AND Sunday off every week even feels like anymore.

so if I'm a little saltier and grumpier on the internets in the near future
you now know why.
five freaking weeks of nights.

here we go...

em=me, from a-to-z

posted on: Monday, March 5, 2012

i'm a poet.
and i know it.
oh hey there.
i got this idea from Megan.
who got it from Katie.
here goes...

 Age: 28.

Bedsize: Queen. we thought about going King-sized, because we like it so much when hotels have a King, but then we realized that what we LIKE about it is that it's rare. so there.

Chores that you hate: all of them? but i looooove a clean house. so i do them all. often.

Dogs:  not yet, but we're getting there. i may or may not stalk the Humane Society's adoptable puppies page daily.

Essential start to your day:  Coffee. in obscenely large amounts.  

Favorite color: blue? or maybe green? i go back and forth.

Gold or Silver: Gold. Def.

Height: 5'8".

Instruments you play: I used to play the piano. I brought the house down with my version of "My Heart Will Go On" in middle school. 

Job title: Doctor. the save-your-life-when-you're-choking kind. not the PhD kind.

Kids: none. someday. when i see my huz more than 2 days a week.

Live: San Antonio, Texas. giddyup.

Mother's Name: Bryn (but her first name is Phyllis. Bryn is way more hip.)

Nicknames: oh geez. so many. here goes: Em, Emmy, Mimi, Meems, Meemo, Beetle (dad calls me this), Jigs (brother calls me this. it's a throwback to our wannabe-playa days when we loved Jay-Z.), EmFlem, Air Force Doctor Barbie (Sarah calls me this), Babe, Baby (guess who?), Em=K (my maiden name started with a K), EKG

Overnight hospital stays: never. unless i'm on call. ha!

Pet peeves:  when waiters hold you hostage by not bringing you your check, when you're clearly ready to leave. any form of injustice.
inefficiency. there IS a better, faster way to do that. let me show you.
(in other news, everyone else's pet peeve is ME.)

Quote from a movie or tv show: oh gosh. just one?
"True love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another"

Right or Lefty: Righty. boooring.

Siblings: four of them. Joe (26), Annie (will be 18 on the 15th!), Jesse (16), Abby (12)

Time you wake up:  Depends on what shift I'm working. days, 5am. nights, 4pm. my body is so confused.

Underwear: VS Lacies are my current fave.

Vegetable you hate: i don't think i hate any vegetables...

What makes you run late: thinking i have time for one. more. thing.
turns out, i don't.

X-Rays You've Had:  only one. on my foot. after i stepped on a pin in high school, and the tip of it snapped off INSIDE the bottom of my foot. it took me four days to convince my mom that it was still in there and take me to get X-rays. i had to have minor surgery to get it removed. she still calls it my "imaginary pin". we fight about it to this day. 
(love you Mom. but you were WRONG.)

Yummy food you make:  Tacos al Pastor. Rack of Lamb with Truffle Oil. Linguine with Clams.
now i'm hungry...

Zoo Animal:  any of the baby ones. I'm a sucker for baby animals. and giraffes. especially baby giraffes.

p.s. the font is all screwy. because i copied-and-pasted from Megan. and it's staying this way, because i'm too lazy to go back and do it all over. boom.
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