things you didn't know about me

posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2012

-my favorite part of every morning is coffee. it's the one redeeming thing about waking up at 4am.

-i think vinyl records were a great idea.

-my face turns bright red whenever i get put on the spot.

-whenever my husband shows the slightest sign of dancing, i start dancing too. it's contagious. and it never fails. he says, "i can always get you dancin'."  and he's right.

-i feel like i've truly accomplished something when i'm able to have fresh flowers in my home at all times.

-i've never seen a movie alone. something about it depresses me.

-sometimes i look at real estate listings for Santa Cruz, California. just so i'm prepared for when we move six years.

-i can't relax until my house is clean.

-i exclusively use the Pilot G2 05 pen. and the day is ruined if i don't have one.

-sometimes i get embarrassed taking photos in public. this explains a lot about my blog, i think.

- i feel most like myself when my hair is long.

-one of the things i missed the most when i was on nights was not having a glass of wine with dinner.

-nothing gets me going like a good floor plan. i look at the websites of friends' apartment complexes just so i can see what the layouts look like.

-i have a weird ability to remember dates. the birthdays, anniversaries, baby's birthdays of all my friends. the exact date we moved to Texas (it was one year ago. today.) it's very "A Beautiful Mind"...and is sometimes construed as creepy.

-i could count on one hand the number of times i cried up until the age of 24 (i mean, not counting those years where it was my only form of communication). now Google Chrome ads make me lose it.

-i'm not much of a DIY-er. i see people make things on Etsy and i'm like, "i could make that....but i won't. and that's why i'll buy it from YOU."

and now for a little video.
we went to see The Black Keys last night.
it was awesome.
and so are these dance moves.


posted on: Monday, April 23, 2012

this post could also be titled,
narcissism: it is what it is.

taking my new red jeans out for a spin
at Tower of the Americas

i may or may not be sitting on a trashcan.

essie's Tart Deco
my toes have to rep spring's punchy colors
since the Air Force says my fingers have to play it more demure

you've heard me lament about the quality of my outfit posts before.
this post is no different.

but when you get to leave the hospital at noon
when you expected to leave at 5pm
you've gotta take advantage

so i got outta my scrubs
and put on something relatively decent

though i find it somewhat ironic that this very same outfit
could easily have been worn by a housekeeper
in another time and place.


this is what my patient told me yesterday.
maybe some of you can put it to use:

"a man is either hungry, or horny.
so if you see your husband without an erection,
give him a sandwich."

this patient was a man.
i can't wait until i'm old and can get away with saying shit like that to strangers.

don't let the sun go down on me

posted on: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i woke up feeling a little off this morning
Nick and I had a "discussion" right before bed last night
and we didn't fix it before we went to sleep.

one of the pieces of advice i got over and over
before we got married, was..
to never let the sun go down on your anger

sounds nice in theory
but sometimes being tired can make an argument seem bigger than it really is, amiright?
and for us, sometimes the thought of hashing it out
into the wee hours of the morning
means that we pay dire consequences at the hospital the next day
this isn't an excuse, but it is a reality of our jobs

so we let this one go

and when Nick left for work this morning,
(i was still sleeping, because i'm off today thankGOD)
i forgot to tell him i love you

for some reason,
all this got me thinking about the night before our wedding
we weren't fighting then
it was actually one of the happiest nights of my life

we had a big family dinner
at a little restaurant in Gattaiola
(a village near Lucca, Italy)

side note: i have huge regrets about my unfortunate hair situation that night
wth was going on there? 

precious baby bro. who is now 16. i want to freeze him like that forever.

my sisters: mini-me (L) and lil' diva (R).

my mom loves us.

the godfather, Nick's dad, and Todd (Nick's bestie). barrel o' laughs those three.

i know this doesn't have anything to do with the aforementioned fight
but for some reason this morning i was reminded of it and thought i'd share.

how about you?
are you a big believer in not going to bed angry?

i'm starting to think there's something to be said
for spending a few long hours out-of-sorts
...letting things cool off...
giving the fight a chance to get smaller

i know Nick and I will be fine tonight when he gets home
i have faith that we're in this forever
and the reunion will be so sweet

p.s. one of my favorite songs. ever.
it's fitting, no?

Have A Little Faith In Me by John Hiatt on Grooveshark

an Ojai wedding

posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

and now, for the main event...
this is why i went to California at all

to watch this guy...
Jon. the groom. never met a photo-op he didn't take full advantage of.
promise this girl...
Rachel. the bride. she's even pretty with an iPhone in front of her face.

it was amazing.
and i was honored to be there, standing beside them, bearing witness to it all

ian (my walking buddy), Rach, Jon
...even the Ray-Ban moments

California gurls

i guess the setting was okay

every wedding needs a gorgeous redhead
and some man love

the bride and her Mama


those intoxicating orange trees once more

Callie, my walking buddy Ian's gorgeous wife

life of the party.
 this concludes my photo-documentation of the rehearsal dinner.

opening up the peonies

bridesmaid's gifts

centerpieces. obvs i photographed my favorite number.

getting ready

Rach and her mama and papa

come on.

caught in action

the most beautiful bride

steal my heart away

me and my walking buddy

this is me, trying not to trip on the cobblestones

one more...

i love this moment

bridesmaids on the sneak

money shot

Caleb. groomsman extraordinaire. 

there you have it.
it was beautiful.
it was intimate.
and i'm so so glad i got to be there.


posted on: Sunday, April 8, 2012

these are images that bring a smile to my face
and a welling up of joy to my heart

this is one of those posts that will probably mean more to me
and the people that physically know me
than it will to most of you
but it's a window into my life...

best friends and California
gah. there just aren't words.


Jess gettin after it

kat and candice...and a floating succulent?

Marsa. i just have the prettiest friends.

i was mildly obsessed with this orange.

...from this tree
love this girl.

kat and marsa.

besties for life

oranges. it was a theme.

loving on the bride

gosh i love these people.
they know me and all my faults and insecurities and loved me through my freshman 15, applying to medical school--twice, breakups, moves, losses, loves...
they've watched me grow up
we grew up together
and they mean so so much to me.

i love you friends. 
this post is for you.
you complete me.
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